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Experimental Acoustic Subsonic wind tunnel Investigation of the advanced geared turbofan Regional aircraft integrating HLD innovative low-noise design (EASIER)
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EASIER adresses the CfP JTI_CS_2013-2-GRA-05-008 and proposes a way to perform acoustic tests on a WT-model which was designed and manufactured in a previous CfP.The current project is proposed by a small consortium combining the necessary competence for this project:- IBK is a small company coordinating the project and performing design work in the project. IBK is also leading the consortium building the WT in the previous project ESICAPIA.- REVOIND is a small italian company specialised in manufacturing complex parts. Revoind´s main task in this project is to manufacture the model.- University of Rome, Prof. Camussi, bringt acoustic knowledge into the consortium, which is needed for preparing the acoustic tests and post-processing of the acoustic tests.The project consists of three technical work-packages plus one management work-package. The three technical WPs tackle planning and realisation of possible design-changes, dynamic characterization and experimental tests (including post-processing). A cruicial point for the quality of the results is the choice of the wind-tunnel. Possible wind-tunnels in europe have been reviewed by the consortium and the two possible solutions for this model (DNW and RUAG) have been asked for quotes. Although the previous model is build for an aerodynamical measurement campaign in one of these tunnels in general a test in either of them is feasible. There are pros and cons for each solution, finalising the choise for the WT is therefore the first questions that hast to be tackled together with the TM.



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