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Experience Art - Increase Motivation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Experience Art - Increase Motivation" aims at students in danger of dropping out of school prematurely. We are six schools of upper secondary level from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Turkey. Our aim is to develop and test concepts of increasing the students' motivation by involving them in various art projects. The concepts we want to develop and to test follow a two-stage process. In the first step every school prepares their students for participating in art workshops which will take place at the project meetings. Every project meeting will focus on one specific art (e.g. painting, photography, film etc.) and each school will train experts on these arts in interdisciplinary lessons combining English and Arts. Teachers of each school will develop preparation concepts for this purpose and implement them before each meeting. During this preparation process there will be constant contact via TwinSpace and e-mail. There will be teachers' and students' chats, preparation materials will be uploaded and announcements will be made at the bulletin board. At every meeting there will delegations of about 5 students and 3 teachers from each school and there will be two major lines of action. The first concentrates on students, art teachers and artists. They will have several stages of workshops in which they will deal with one specific art and produce artworks. The results will be presented in exhibitions and performaces open to the public. The second line of action will involve teachers, mainly English teachers who took part in the interdisciplinary preparation activities. Each school will present their activities in the time before to the meetings and the international teacher team will summarize the best ideas and actitivies into one elaborate concept for an interdisciplinary project concept focusing on Art and English. The project is planned to consist of six of these project terms and after each meeting the new terms starts with the preparation for the next meeting The results of the preparation and the meetings will be presented on a project homepage. Moreover, the project itself will be presented on eTwinning focusing the underlying purpose of enhancing students' motivation by involving them in art based interdisciplinary projects. The materials and concepts for the preparation of the students and the implementation of the workshops will be available to teachers and interested professionals in digital and printed form. The effects of the project will be measured with the help of questionnaires. Students will assess the effects of participation on their level of motivation and students and teachers will give a feedback on the structure of the workshops and the organization of the meetings. The results of these polls will influence the structure of the following activities within the project and this will lead to an ongoing process of enhancing the project and the strategies used.



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