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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Templemore College of Further Education is eager to ensure that its students and staff have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ programme in 2016-2017. Here is a summary of the funding we are applying for in this application.VET learner mobilities (35 participants and 3 accompanying persons):- 15 students for 3 weeks to Vitalis, Liepzig, Germany (15 Hair & Beauty students)- 15 students for 3 weeks to Seville, Spain (5 European Studies and 10 mixed sector)- 5 students for 4 weeks to Perpignan France (5 European Studies and 5 mixed sector)We are seeking funding for an accompanying person with each of the above student mobility flows. We are applying for funding for:- 3 accompanying persons for 2 weeks monitoring visits. Most of our participants are from a disadvantaged regional background; they have had, in general, very limited travel experience or exposure to other nationalities or cultures. On a individual level, due to their age and circumstances, many lack the confidence, independence and autonomy required to be successful in securing and maintaining even a short-term work placement in a non-English speaking environment. It is hoped that their participation in an Erasmus+ mobility programme will hugely benefit them in this regard. That being said, most participants report a tendency to feel overwhelmed for the first two weeks, only enjoying the last week, faced with overcoming all the challenges of a new environment. Due to presence of the accompanying person, however, our learner participants receive the encouragement and motivation to complete their placement successfully, and afterwards feel hugely proud of their own accomplishments. It is expected that participation on the programme will greatly increase the graduates' self-confidence, cultural awareness, and subsequently, their interpersonal, intercultural and social competencies. In this Erasmus+ project, we hope to be able to offer valuable experience during the work placements to students across a wide range of sectors, as follows:- to our IT graduates in the areas of technical support in SMEs in the areas of web site design, hardware maintenance and programming- horticulture students have been placed in golf clubs, vineyards, market gardens, olive groves- our Media Studies have gained experience working in local radios stations- our Hair and Beauty graduates will be placed in the working salon in Vitalis, Leipzig and in their network of local salons- our childcare students have the possibility to work in childcare facilities in France, usually Ecoles Maternelles, where there are many English-speaking children are catered for- complementary therapy students have been placed in clinics, and hotel spas- our Sports and Rec students have worked in gyms and as personal trainers, and in youth clubs- our Business students have been given both general administration and customer-service roles in local enterprises in office environments- our Tourism students have work at tourist information offices and at local tourist attractions, in customer-facing roles



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