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Excelleren in onderwijs: de kracht van docenten in beweging
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school requires well qualified and educated teachers. To take the quality of the master classes Cambridge English, DELF Scolaire and Goethe Deutsch to a higher level we consider refresher courses for our teachers in the countries of the target languages essential. The refresher courses will improve and maintain the linguistic skills and competences of our teachers. The refresher courses will also have enormous educational impact in the fields of culture and internationalization. As we are European citizens it is of great importance for the European economy, to invest in language and cultural education. It is crucial for our school to invest in education and training in order to be able to prepare our pupils for their role as European citizens. In both 2014 and 2015 The SSgN was awarded the title of Excellent School for HAVO as well as VWO. We would like to consolidate this token of appreciation by investing time and money in high-quality training for our teachers. Emphasizing the importance of modern language teaching will help increase the pupils’ European awareness. The acquired knowledge of language and culture will be embedded in the lessons and handed on to the pupils. To achieve this goal we would like to offer our teachers the opportunity of taking courses in the countries of the target languages. The Erasmus + programme seems a perfect fit with the goals of our school. One of the focus areas of our school is “learning and science”. Educating pupils to attain internationally recognized certificates like Cambridge English, DELF Scolaire and Goethe Deutsch falls well within this field. The school intends to offer refresher courses to six modern language teachers in the years 2014 – 2015 and 2015-2016. All selected teachers will have master degrees and be fully qualified. To guarantee the teaching commitment the project will be executed as follows: - Teachers will be asked and selected carefully in accordance with the schools' professionalization plan and individual development plans of the teachers. - In advance of the training, the teachers involved will have to formulate what they expect to learn concerning specific knowledge, competences and cultural knowledge. - Afterwards, the teachers involved will hand in written reports outlining the acquired knowledge and competences to their fellow teachers. - Afterwards, the teachers involved will hand in written reports outlining the acquired knowledge and competences to the responsible members of management. - The teachers involved will prepare a presentation for the entire language department and members of management. Handing on knowledge and dissemination is the main objective of this presentation. - The acquired and transferred knowledge will be supported by the entire language department and will be anchored in teaching modules and projects. Transfer of knowledge will thus reach the pupils and its impact on the short and long term will be maximized. - After the refresher courses the use of the international platform eTwinning will be intensified to share and exchange the acquired knowledge, competences and experiences with fellow-teachers in Europe in order to attain maximum impact. - The teachers will provide workshops and organize meetings in which dissemination is the main target. Management is responsible for the quality of education and teachers. Management has a clear policy for the maintenance, the improvement and the dissemination of quality. By offering highly qualified education, more pupils will be motivated to choose modern languages. The impact and dissemination of the refresher courses will increase the number of registrations for the master classes of English, French and German. The direct effect will be that more pupils will participate in society with oficially and internationally recognized certificates in English, French or German. This will strengthen the position of young adults on the European job market and will increase their chances of employment both in the Netherlands and in Europe.