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Ex-Po (Experience Pool - Deneyim Havuzu)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Ex-po(Experience-Pool) The Project:Eliminating Personal Differences and Disseminating Technology Supported Education Our school is a big institution which has students from different ethnic areas and cultures.This situation causes individual differences and learning varieties among our students.Since every student's learning speed and ability are different, we may mostly remain incapable as a teacher although we try to overcome problems.For this reason,we are planning to attend the course named Individualised Learning in Swedish Schools in Sweden,receive education from experts who have pretty much experience in individualised education and observe the good samples in its right place in this country. Then,we would like to apply these succesful samples in our classes by transfering what we have learned to our teachers in our school.Our school is a highly education instution which has completed its technological equipage in terms of Fatih Project.Nevertheless,because we are highly inexperienced in taking advantage of technology in education,we think we are not sufficent enough both in planning educational activities supported by technology and practicing these activities in our classes.This is why,we lay out to get training about this subject in a course called Play to Learn in Spain.Later,with the education we are going to get,we think about providing training for all of our staff,immediately after this,for teachers in our town in different stages of the project. Furthermore,we aim to disseminate the succesful activities we will get positive outcomes and take into practice in an experience pool and to achive online and then to share this reservoir with the other teachers in a network of Ministry of National Education calld electronic Data Processing Network.Therefore,with the help of this project,we aim at approximating our problems to find a solution through this projectand putting all the positive outcomes into service of our staff.