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EVS with young persons in Upper Austria
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EVS project "EVS with young persons in Upper Austria" will takes place in different hosting organisations:In Caritas St. Isidor there will be hosted 2 volunteers from 2 different countries (Bosnia Herzegowina & Czech Republic), Start is in january 2016 and a duration of 12 months.In the Krabbelstube Rossleithen Voderstoder there will be hosted a volunteer from the Netherlands from january on, for the duration of 10 months.In "Kindergarten Vorderstoder" there will 1 volunteers, from Turkey, start is in january 2016 with a duration of 12 months.We created this project to give youngster the chance of a unique learning chance in their life, but also for bringing new/fresh european ideas into different organisations who are working with children in Upper Austria and also for creating new ideas between the organisations and motivating other youngsters in Austria to do EVS as well, when they see/hear about this project, meeting the volunteers...All 4 volunteers come from different backgrounds, some with weak financial background (long time unemployed). Motivation is the thing they have all together, that`s why they were choosen. We wanted to have a nice mix of nationalities, so that they can learn about other cultures as well, when doing EVS in Austria, where all should bring in their culture, mentality, ideas and should get a good insight into being involved in a social organisation and learning more about Austria, its culture, habbits, language...With this EVS project we want to create a learning experience for the youngster, the involved sending organisations, but also for all people involved on the hosting side. EVS volunteers are a big enrichment for society, for Austria, for the organisation and espcially for all the persons, the volunteers are involved in.They will bring in their ideas in the area of disabled / children in all different areas. When getting an insight into this area of work they can bring in their culture by e.g. singing a song with children, creating an own project with disabled persons, showing pictures from their home in the end it doesn`t matter in which project they are foreseen, as they can bing in their ideas in each area and hosting projects are also flexible for ideas from volunteers, that will grow with their stay in Austria. By time they will learn more about Austria, themselves, others, Europe will get a face for them, they will meet people and make friends where they can discuss things about stereotypes. The EVS project will let them grow, make them stronger in mind and normally they return from EVS as a real positive thinking and open minded young European. Some will then go to different European places, for work, for fun, for making EVS opens the door to a positive future for youngsters!All learning process will be by using non formal learning, to understand the learning process EVS volunteers will get a youthpass in the end, so that they can understand what they have learned during EVS but also to show others, using it for applying for a job and so on.The results are the learning for all involved persons and partners, to learn more about different cultures, real open talks about different issues of countries, realizing ideas of youngsters, give them the chance of becoming active in Europe, get an understanding what Europe is by living EVS and a unique learning experience in life.



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