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EVS Volunteers in European Capital of Culture 2016 WROCLAW
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

1. Work and experience of our organization led us to understand how important it is to work with young people who want to work actively. Often, young people need guidance in order to become more active, to play a greater role in their communities and develop key skills and competencies that will enable them to become better citizens. We want to realize this project, because we have the experience, know-how and a network of partners necessary to complete this project. In addition, the year 2016 is very important in the context of the events associated with the celebration of the European Capital of Culture 2016 in Wroclaw, in which EVS volunteers will be actively involved.2. ObjectivesThe involvement of volunteers in action during the project, will lead to achieve key objectives:- Develop leadership skills, soft skills and social skills by working with school students coming from smaller towns in the area of Lower Silesia, using the tools of informal education.- To contribute to the deepening of intercultural awareness among participants and among the local community, increasing the sense of European identity, thanks to the work during events related to the European Capital of Culture- Increase level of knowledge about the value of volunteering and opportunities within the European voluntary service, both while participating in the action and activities related to the European Capital of Culture, as well as during the implementation of activities and workshops in the smaller towns of the region of Lower Silesia- The development of social skills, problem solving local communities and their activation.3. Number and type of participants: 12Volunteers should be interested in the activities of cultural and social animation and be motivated to work with people. They must be able to work in a team, to be flexible and where possible creative and creative. Having additional artistic skills will be an undoubted asset. Each volunteer should have a desire to develop and hone their skills and abilities, and be open to experimentation, have a hobby and be able to share it, eg. When organizing activities and projects for the community or when conducting workshops for different target groups.4.Main activities The main activities of the project are based on a number of areas:I. Implementation of projects within the European Capital of Culture,Volunteers will have access to infrastructure and network of contacts to organizations and cultural institutions in Wroclaw, which sued him for faster and more efficient operation in the implementation of their ideas. We want to through participation at the activities of the ECC, the volunteer had the opportunity to develop their own idea of the cultural event, which customers will be residents of Wroclaw, the Polish volunteers ECC.Examples of projects that our team is realized in the past Football Tournament Against Racism. The idea has been realized and developed by volunteers.II. Help volunteers at events associated with ECCBy volunteering with the organization of events related to ECC, participants will gain experience in organizing and managing large cultural events. Volunteers will learn how to develop visible actions at the local, regional but also national. Through contact with the organizers, with other volunteers and participants in the events, volunteers expand their knowledge about the organization of cultural events, artistic andIII. Promotion of the main objectives of the Erasmus + in towns in Lower SilesiaOne of the goals of the project is to develop a sense of community, intercultural awareness and the idea of international volunteering among people in Lower Silesia.IV. Conducting workshops and training for local communitiesVolunteers will support the local community, animate local environment by organizing cultural events, workshops and exhibitions. Volunteers will integrate with the various inhabitants of Wroclaw same local building and their involvement will be beneficial both socially and culturally.5. The results and impact of the projectThis project will have the greatest impact on local communities, particularly in the context of the implementation of projects by European Capital of Culture in Wrocław.Working with different groups, they will work for the community, which will have a real impact, helping to broaden intercultural awareness and greater understanding of the benefits of volunteering. Participation in this EVS project will also have an impact on the volunteers who will develop their skills and gain new competencies by collecting experience in practice. We will publish the book with the stories of those involved in EVS during past years and use it as a tool to promote the Erasmus+ program and inspire the youth.



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