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Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project of group EVS named »EVS volunteers in action« will start on 1. 5. 2016 and end on 30. 4. 2017 (12 months). It will involve 24 youngsters from Spain (3 different org, 6 youngsters), Macedonia (2), Turkey (2 org, 6 youngsters), Finland (3), Italy (2 org., 5 youngsters), Bulgaria (2). They are from 18 to 25 years old and gender balanced. They have different formal education, informal knowledge and skills, so they will bring diversity to the project. The sending organizations are: Association for sustainable development, SFERA MACEDONIA - Bitola (Macedonia), Cooperation for Voluntary Service - Bulgaria (Bulgaria), ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE STRAUSS (Italy), ASOCIACION JUVENIL INTERCAMBIA (Spain), AYUNTAMIENTO DE MURCIA (Spain), Asociación Cultural Muxelka (Spain), Youth4youth (Italy), KalpAnkara Egitim ve Genclik Merkezi Dernegi (Turkey), SISTEM VE JENERASYON DERNEGI (Turkey). Hosting organization in Youth center Krško, Slovenia. Partners in the project already made several project together (EVS, international youth exchanges, international trainings).Project will take part in all local communities (preparation, final phase) of the partners, the main activities will be held in Krško. The idea for the project came from the conclusion of the Youth council Krško. They said that the municipality has renewed sportal infrastructure with the help of the EU founds, but people do not use it enough. Sending organizations helped, with some of the already known participants, to make the program structure of the project. Other participants that will be involved want to spend their youth actively and wish to gain new knowledge during the summertime.The main activities are divided into three bigger parts: preparation and finaluation with the dissemination and evaluation of the project and group work with all young EVS volunteers in Krško. The activities in Krško will start on 24th of June and end on 1st of August 2016 (39 days, no travel days included).The objectives of the project are EU citizenship, EU awareness, democracy, growth of the EU awareness, participation of young people, work of EU institutions, debates about actual topics in youth field (having proposals for the youth policies), sharing good practices amongst youth organizations in Europe, gaining new experience and skills from working in the filed of sport area and healthy lifestyle, organization of different activities with the goal of celebrating 20 years of EVS, intercultural learning, connecting formal and informal education, knowing all about Erasmus+, having more positive attitude towards EU. Besides that the project aims to include all youngsters, the same possibilities for everyone. Not just the participants with fewer opportunities will be involved into the project, but also some youngsters will special needs or are facing different challenges into their lives (correctional home). The project results will include sport activities on several locations in the local area (fitness in the nature, summer pool area, forrest paths, playground,…), debate evenings on the topics about active citizenship and debate about 20 years of EVS with previous vounteers from Slovenia, some events that will celebrate EVS and 20 years of it (pool party, stand up comedy, sports games,…), cultural evenings (7).The dissemination will include diverse activities and will be executed in all local communities of the partners and in Europe. The activities will happen in mixed groups (gender, age, interests). The working methods will be participatory (learning by doing) and will be appropriate for realizing activities for young people. They will support and incourage personal and proffessional growth of the participants. At the end of the project they will receive Youthpass and new Europass. All the activities will be in English language. Young people will work in cities center in Krško and in the rural area. There will be 10 young people with less opportunities involved. They face long term unemployment, they have difficult social and economical situation, low level of English language, learning difficulties, are under stress all the time, have weak social skills. During the activities in Krško young EVS volunteers will make official press releases, statements and photos Facebook and other social networks, (Erasmus+ support, logotipes will be mentioned)… The expected result of the project are new future projects of the included partners in Erasmus+.



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