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EVS-Volunteer for a warmer society
Date du début: 15 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 14 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Volunteers for a warmer society" in Sveio will include 3 volunteers from 3 different countries. They will have different activity possiblities in Sveio and will have a training in Norwegian language and culture, about everyday life and possibilities in Sveio. The activities are : . Health and Disability : working with handicapped people . Youth Activities : organizing and working at the youth clubs, with the Youth Council . Social Work : working in kindergaten - school - eldercare center, taking active part in the everday life of these institutions, creating an intercultural experience for the locals . Sport activities : working at the public golf area, taking part in sport activities, experiencing the importance of the community building force in sport activities . Art and Culture : taking part in the café-gallery and a music festival The primary aim of the project is that every volunteer should get the opportunity to work in all the places mentioned above, gaining experience and raising awareness of local people about the benefits of having people from foreign cultures living and working amoung them. To ensure that each volunteer can participate in each activity, their schedule will be created in a way that they will have a main working place and an additional one, changing after 3 months. We will be quite flexible, to ensure that the volunteers get as much different experiences as possible, but also to give them the possibility to stay in a place for longer if they want to, or to develop partnership with other places. The volunteers will live together in a house, where they will have a private bedroom and share the common rooms. There will also be possibilities and ressources for the volunteers to develop their own personal project if they want to, such as organizing outdoor activities, teaching language/music or any other project they feel confident to take care of.



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