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EVS-Volunteer assistants
Date du début: 20 août 2015, Date de fin: 19 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Fjaler Volunteer Service, "Fjaler frivilligsentral" is coordinating 4-5 volunteer projects/ places in the borough, in the field of culture, art and leisure, disabled, media, social education and services. The office and daily leader will be the meeting point and base, coordinating the payment and lodging issues, leisure information and all that will "fall between the chairs" of to build bridges. They will learn from assisting in the projects by a contactperson/s in each place. The 5 volunteers will have different tasks in following projects this year: 1. and 2. - coordinated from the local volunteers service office, the tasks will in the local school- and kindergarden, in the public library, in leisure activites, also for mental challenged, in culture and art projects and in voluntary organisations. The project will learn them how the local borough works and get to know a variety af activities and services. 3. - in the Upper Secondary School "Dale vgs" (age 16 - 18) , like in "Open school", in the canteen preparing healhty food, in laguage lessons, in diff activities with the pupils. The volunteer will learn to know the school with teachers and pupils, the educational system and also take part in local life and get the following - up there. 4. - in a sheltered working place "Vevang Produksjon AS". The volunteer will help to organize and prepare their tasks. Communicate, support and follow up the workers in their daily tasks to produce efficiently, assisting to create and develop products together with the leaders of each workshop (textile and wood mainly) make pictures from daily activities and products to share on Vevangs FB page and update Vevangs webpages. Assist to build brochures, advertisements and brief presentations. The volunteer will get the chance to follow the workers on their way to a permanent job situation after their periode in Vevang Produksjon and learn how the system “Supported employment”(NAV) is organized in Norway. 5. Red Cross Nordic United World College - Assisting in English learning for students who needs help and other activities at the college and for outreach projects . The volunteer have to be flexible and willing to engage in new activities. In exchange we expect to receive valuable assistance in the form of ideas, inputs, initiative and experiences from their countries. They will all be involved in the local activities and responsibilities. We wish to offer them a unique experience in working and living on the West Coast of Norway in a rural area, to get familiar with Norwegian culture whilst working and being involved in the daily life for all ages without borders.



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