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evs volunteer across borders
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Doing an EVS project in Lommel will be the best experience.Across Borders is part of the International Youth meeting and training facility Lommel ( YMC ) and the German War Graves Commission and is an institution in which a war cemetery is used as a place and occasion of international (youth) encounters as well as a place for critical engagement . There are projects and modules for academic and extracurricular youth groups, and adult groups offered that allow young people access to the events of the Second World War and its consequences.School classes and other groups here have the opportunity to directly confront one weeks in addition to the largest German military cemetery of WWII in Western Europe with active European remembrance. Such week includes both learning through projects, discussion of the history and maintenance services to the military cemetery and the strengths of social skills. Even members who are interested and tourist groups have the opportunity to use the YMC as accommodation and to visit the cemetery.Examples of projects we do are:- working with biographies of soldiers- Guidance tours- Exhibitions about WWI, WWII and other themes with 'peace' related- organize youth exchanges and school camps- organize and facilitate training for youth workers or teachers- being a host for our guest that stay overnight- working on projects about child soldiers, like the red hand action - etc...The general objective of the evs volunteer across border is to provide opportunities for social and personal grow of volunteers and youngsters from hosting youth groups along with organizational development by bringing added value to existing activities and implementing new ones which stimulate the peace and remembrance education, encourage active participation of youngsters and strengthen the international partnership.The volunteers will support all staff which are working for 'Across Borders' and the 'house across borders' (this last one is a group accommodation for school classes, youth associations, etc... who work on peace- and remembrance education). This means they will help with the administration staff, the house keeper and the educational service. The volunteers will have no responsibilities of the end result. They will always be mentored within their tasks. They will also get the opportunity to work on their own projects, with the support of our staff. It depends on the project who will support them. They will get the opportunity to represent our organization towards our partners, for instances during youth workers meetings, teachers meetings or during educational fairs. During their work they will get in contact with all sort of partners that we work with. They will be closely involved in all the projects.



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