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EVS Villages
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project named ''EVS villages'' is a long term one which will be applied in Turhal province of Tokat. Hosting and Coordinating organization will be the Turhal Special District Directorate of Administration. Sending organizations will be Centro Culturale Fonti San Lorenzo from Italy and Anime PAF from Portugal, AIPC Pandora from Spain, ECOCOMPARTIMOS from Spain.While we are preparing this project we aimed to touch people who are living in the villages of our district, improve our volunteers with the well-planned activities, make our folk meet a different culture and live with them, make them learn about the Erasmus+programs and EVS. Thanks to the projects, the youth will not only meet the EVS but also get a lot of information about the Erasmus+ youth programs. Thanks to this project again, 52 villages and the residents of them will meet EVS programs. In this project, 4 volunteers will be hosted, one of whom will be from Italy, one will be from Portugal, 1+1 will be from Spain (Madrid-Toledo). This volunteers will be chosen among the young who has fewer opportunities. Every coming volunteer will be involved in 6+6 months long term EVS programs. In total, it will last 12 months and we will conduct EVS activities in 52 villages of Turhal. Planned activities are shown in the weekly activity schedule.In our district, 25 villages out of 52 in our district has village houses and they are planned to host EVS activities. Our volunteers are going to work with the children, the young and people over 50 living in those villages for 3 days (Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday) at those village houses, and they are going to make workshops. The volunteers will have the freedom to choose their fields of activities according to their interests.In addition to that, our volunteers are going to make language practice in our organization for two days (Monday-Tuesday) and they are going to give information about EVS in the EU project office in the building of our organization. Also they are going to come together with the mentors and the project coordinator to visit students at previously selected schools to inform them about their activities, EVS process and they are going to arrange EVS seminars about Erasmus+ programs on these days.While we are applying our project we will benefit from non-formal training methods. The volunteers will learn everything by experiencing in the activities they join. Since we are the first organization which is accredited in our district it will be the first example. When we take the lack of youth work applied in our district into consideration it is dispensable for non-governmental organization, public organization and young people to improve themselves in long term. The volunteers who will attend the EVS activities will not only improve themselves personally but also they will make a lot of young people meet EVS program.



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