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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Voluntary Service International (VSI) is the coordinating organization of this Erasmus + Key Action 1 project called 'EVS - UP'. VSI has worked with the EVS programme to enrich young people's lives for many years and has hosted, sent and coordinated many EVS volunteers/projects. With this project we aim to increase the numbers of young people participating in the EVS programme, to offer them opportunities to participate, learn and grow. There are 7 participants in total, just 1 of them has already been selected - a young person who will go on a short-term EVS for 1 month. We will target young people with fewer opportunities including migrants and refugees, long-term unemployed, economically disadvantaged, those living in rural areas and LGBT young people as well as the general youth population for the projects.The EVS projects will take place in Albania and Greece, all focusing on young people's participation, inclusion, integration, learning and their growth through this. We also aim to impact upon the professional development of youth workers in all the partner organizations through our learning and development and increasing our capacity through involvement in this EVS project. All the partners hope to develop our involvement and capacity in the Erasmus+ programme through the project. -PVN Albania will host 4 volunteers in total, 2 at the same time for 1 month and for 12 months respectively. These volunteers will work on PVN's international volunteer programme focussing on young people's involvement in volunteering and promoting peace and social justice issues and will deliver human rights workshops. -ABA in Albania will host 2 volunteers for 12 months, at the same time. These volunteers will work with blind and partially sighted people to increase their independence and participation in society.-PAAPAV in Greece will host 1 volunteer to work with young people and children with disabilities for 12 months.All the participants will learn in a variety of ways including through non-formal education. This project will contribute to VSI's mission of promoting peace, social justice, sustainable development and intercultural understanding, inclusion and social justice.We expect the participants to grow personally and professionally, to increase their intercultural understanding and to learn about inclusion, integration of young people, work with children and adults with disabilities, peace and social justice and. The project will provide the participants with the opportunity to enhance their employability through increasing their practical, career and language skills as well as their 'soft' skills such as communication, independence and resilience. The partner organizations will increase their intercultural understanding, learning more about each other's countries and cultures. Through the project we also expect the organizations to increase our youth work capacity. We expect the partner organizations to develop their relationships and that we will work together on EVS and other Erasmus+ projects in the future. We expect the local communities and general public to learn about the Erasmus+ programme through this EVS and that it will promote their participation in it.



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