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EVS Treasure Hunt
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Thanks to the action at local level of YouNet, we get in contact with a lot of youngsters that wish to live an experience abroad, useful to acquire new competences and to practice more the ones they got before and to grow up. EVS is an opportunity which we often present and propose to youngsters, because is made in such a way to be suitable to a lot of people. At the same time, our international collaborations permitted to touch several receiving associations, that are looking for volunteers for their projects. We had acted as mediator for lots of youngsters and ROs using the “Database of European Voluntary Service”. The main aim of the project is to allow youngsters which are contacting our association to realize their wish to live a period of their lives out of their country, through EVS experience. The final objective of the project is to find EVS treasure by each participant’s phase. They will evaluate this treasure in different ways considering what they learned into the period of the project. They will start a path where they will be able to grow form a personal, cultural and professional point of view. Youngsters we meet, they look for information about experiences on volunteering in foreign countries for several reasons. Sometimes the finish University and they try to learn intercultural competences through EVS experience, before to be part of the labor market. Or, they want to be prepared to start their new path as university’s student, to test their capacities and sense of adaptation and they need to enlarge their horizons by a huge dose of enthusiasm. Some of them are people with fewer opportunities: economic, social or geographical difficulties. Activities of the project are EVS sending in which YouNet will be the sending and coordinating organization and all the others will be receiving organizations. Destinations are: Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia. The project will involved 8 ROs partners and 24 italian volunteers o residing in Italy. Informal and non- formal method will be used, by developing and appraising human capital. This methodology include open-air laboratories, games and exercise with local community youngesters, thematic workshops, activities for integration into the local community, organized by the EVS volunteers, in order to generate learning opportunities at 360°. Thanks to this methodologies will be possible to obtain results agreed on the “Learning agreement”. As tangible result, the “Treasure Hunt” video will be a collage of other videos, realized by the volunteers during their path in the different EVS projects. This video will be used for dissemination by each partner. This EVS project will have a positive impact on local community, and youngsters will benefits overall, as main target group of involved association. Volunteers’ local communities impact, will be also important for project’s results: they could use this learned methodology, sharing materials, technics etc. Proposed activities also have the aim to have a strong impact on the organization involved: - Capacities improving at European/international working level - Developing new and better methods to work with diverse target groups - A dynamic, modern, profession habit inside the same organization In addition, as follow up of the project we hope to continue the collaboration and to built new international networks to improve EVS projects quality in future projects.



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