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EVS Świecie 2015/2016 PROMO
Date du début: 3 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 2 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EVS Swiecie 2015/2016 is a project organized and hosted by the Enthusiasts of the Swiecie Region Society where the target group are mainly young people from the Swiecie Region.Project participants will be young , motivated to work in the project and open to another human being volunteers coming from Hungary and Spain. The main theme of the project is to promote the action of the " Erasmus Plus '' (in particular the European Voluntary Service ) having young people aware of the opportunities this Program creates for them and explain in a practical way how they can participate.Another objective of the project is to build understanding of diversity and intercultural dialogue between people of different nations.Our working methods will be based on organizing presentations on the Programme and presentations on the culture of the volunteers to deepen the knowledge of young people about other European Union countries, their culture and traditions. In addition, the project will conduct a number of promotional campaigns in urban areas such as public cooking dishes from the countries of origin of our volunteers , and share animation creates an approximating foreign cultures.Our volunteers will also create movies that will be a kind of look of a foreigner to Świecie and the whole Region but also in Polish culture. We hope that the project will deepen tolerance among young people and improve the image of foreign cultures / nationalities in the eyes of young people. In addition, our volunteers will help us with the subproject Swiecie Art - promoting local artists. Organization of openings, building the image of a series of exhibitions, creating promotional materials and logistics exhibitions are the main areas of activity in which our volunteers will be able to help us.



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