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Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Stella Polaris is an independent theatre group founded in 1985 by Merete Klingen and Per Spildra Borg. Our productions span from small storytelling to big outdoor events. We are inspired by medieval theatre, combined with impulses of other cultures and times. We offer workshops in sircus and theatre skills, as well as storytelling. Our performances can be shown anywhere where there`s a crowd, -outdoor and indoor, day and night. At our base in Vestfold, we organize a youth group and a children’s theatre on a permanent basis. Most of our young staff live in a house provided by the company. Stella Polaris Opplevelser employ 6 people of all ages and nationalities. In addition we employ freelancers as needed for performances and for he past few years we have also hosted theatre students from Finland and Scotland. We organize workshops for young people and grown ups alike, and hold a one week summercamp with 100 children training for a large performance held on the last day of the course. This attracts up to 1000 viewers, and is an institution in our region. Stella Polaris has hosted volunteers the last 16 years. Our motivation in this work is to integrate young people in our work, and hopefully learn something from their culture. We have always had an ambition that our organizastion should be international as far as people involved goes, and the EVS program is ideally suited for this kind of recruitment and goal. From August 2015 to September 2016 we have hosted 3 long term candidates through the program. Their stay With Stella Polaris started in a joint program including 15 candidates from many different European countries in a short term program hosting aimed at producing a large outdoor performance based on Nordic Mythology at the Viking burial Mound of Gokstad in Sandefjord. Our clear objective was to attract an audience of at leat 1500 to the 4 performances. The candidates were trained by our founders and skilled staff, and worked hard in the field of physical theatre to accomplish this goal. After this monumental first month of work, the candidates followed the staff of the theatre in a schedule as described in the workschedule attached to the application. Our goal is to create a network of young, talented people in various countries throughout Europe. We have experienced that many of our candidates establish long term relations based on their meeting at our theatre, and we have also recruited great talent from our earlier programs that have come back to work with us for longer and shorter periods of time. As our theatre enjoy a very good standing in the European community of independent theatres, many of our volunteers have used their experience with the program to get internships and work in the art field in other European countries.



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