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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A1:The project is a one month volunteer activity involving theater, dance, music, song, acrobatics and sircus skills, acting and active training in outdoor performance. It requires participants with some experience in one or more of these fields. No particular training or experience is required, but some basic knowledge is desireable.On arrival, all volunteers are introdused to the ERASMUS+ program by a tutor from our NA on site at our theater. This seminar is followed by an introduction to Nordic mythology and life in the Viking era. Volunteers are taken to visit the many Viking remnants and monuments in the municipality of Vestfold, viewed as one of the worlds most significant areas of the Viking history. We are being introduces to this historic time by professors and museum lecturers on various sides of the Viking legacy.All work is leading up to a large, outdoor performance at the Gokstad Burial Mound, situated on the outskirts of the town of Sandefjord. Our theatre director, Mr. Per Spildra Borg is directing the work up to the performance and is leading all workshops and training up to this grand finale of the project.We aim at bringing folklore history from all participating countries together and to incorporate this in the performance «Voices of Gokstad» to show how all folk history from Europe is wowen together and independent from borders and countries in the traditional, geographic sense of division. The play is being performed 4 times, and is open to the public via ticket sales. We do two performances for local schools, involving them in the work of our European volunteersA2:Being a long term EVS participant at Stella Polaris means participating in all aspects of the Stella Polaris theatre company. We are an independent theater based in the southern part of Norway, on the coast in the town of Sandefjord. We perform outdoors and participate in large and small celebrations throughout the southern part of Norway and on occasion, tours in Europe. Our tradition is physical theater, song, music dance and sircus skills.Throughout the year we work steadily at perfecting our performances and skills in our volunteers as well as our permanent staff of professional actors. No work week is like the other, but training and preparation for performances and workshops involve full work weeks of aproximately 35 hours a week. Calendars are being set up weekly, and contents vary with the type of work currently going on at the theatre.Our theatre is situated in a community house run by Stella Polaris. The house caters to the needs of children and young people in the area and we arrange various activities to improve physical and social skills of the participants. All volunteers are expected to parttake in this work as well as strict theatre work, and are included in our ongoing theater for children from the age of 7 to 16. An interst in working with children and young people is a quality we look for in our candidates. For details, please see attached work scheduleOur long term goal is to create a network of young, talented people throughout Europe. We have experienced that many of our candidates establish long term relations based on their meeting at our theatre and we have also recruited great talent from our earlier programs to come back and work with us for longer or shorter periods of time.As our theatre enjoys a good standing in the European community of independent theatres, many of our volunteers have used their experience with our EVS program to get internships and work in the art field throughout Europe.



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