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“EVS StartUp! React and do more"
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth exchange “EVS StartUp! React and do more" took place in Vilnius, Lithuania from 9th to 15th of November. YE were organized by members of European Voluntary Service Association “SALTES” - an independent non-profit organization that gathers volunteers, makes international and local volunteering projects as well as youth initiatives. EVS Start Up! is 7 days youth exchange for 32 participants from 6 different countries (Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Georgia and Cyprus) who have recently finished European Voluntary Service or are involved in other volunteering activities and who would like to become youth workers/leaders and have motivation to learn about project management and to be involved actively in non-formal education field. The objectives of YE are: • To develop participants project management skills and give them knowledge about Erasmus + projects • To develop participants skills about visibility, dissemination and exploitation of project results • To raise participants creativity and entrepreneurship while developing their own projects • Raising the inter-cultural qualifications/competencies of participants and encouraging participants to use the acquired qualifications when coming back home. • With a long term perspective, equipping the participants with tools/strategies for raising inter-cultural sensitivity and curiosity. Giving clear understanding what is NGO. • Continuing the fruitful and strong cooperation of already established partnership between the promoters and developing new projects within Erasmus+. Teaching methods: non-formal presentation of topics mentioned followed by discussion, tutorials, discussion groups, practical exercises. Through the learning process this exchange supported the personal and professional development of the participants, so that they act as multipliers of the gained knowledge within their (future) organizations and their local realities.



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