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EVS ST- Citrus
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

All hosting places of Solidarités Jeunesses are open places, that enable diverses persons that stay there to learn to know themselves and to live together beyond the linguistics, socio cultural or socio economical barriers, and especially beyond prejudices.Through the values of solidarity, justice, respect for others and of peace, Solidarités Jeunesses' projects enhance the participation of all to local life and to actions in favor of an active and responsible citizenship. The projects encourage european interaction and intercultural dialogue in favor of an action and activities rooted in a local context.Volunteers will be involved in all aspects of the project, the will conribute to manual works et collective aspects of daily life, and also to the different activities of the animation in hosting places and in the neighbouring villages. The projects offer the possibility to young european volunteers to discover another face of France, the one of a rural France and to contribute to the local development and to the intercultural exchange.The different projects wish to host several volunteers on short term periods of time between march and december 2015.The choice for the length of the projects is made according to the expected profile of volunteers. Indeed for quite a lot of persons , a first experience of two months can already be a challenge for some of them. Going abroad on a voluntary project with a specific frame, mentorship and follow up as the EVS frame offers, enable some youth to live a satisfactory first experience that gives them the will and the means to go on a longer project in the future. The youth that are hosted will be youth without any diploma, and unemployed, with few or no qualifications, and with a social, economical and /or financial situation which is complicated. The idea is to participate to an international voluntary project and to take a step back , to discover new ways of doing, a new environment where the difficulties of daily lives are not anymore the elements that define the youth during the project. thanks to the mentorship given before, during and after the project enable them to participate to the project the same way as anyone else.At the end of their project, they'll come back to their country with new will, ideas and resources to start new studies, trainings, to look for a job and /or to get involved in an organisation.



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