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EVS - Partner Countries - Involving and Including
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project lasts for 12 months. We like to have 4 volunteers from four different countries. We have good experience with EVS projects for 6 years, during these years we included international volunteers in our organization and our members' activities. Even the volunteers may do practical work in relation to our members and partners, its a clear understanding that the volunteer activity should be administrated, leaded and be closed linked to the general secretary. The exchange of culture, skills, knowledge and attitudes are important in our project. We are an organization who have relation and activities about local, regional and national level. We also work with international contacts and its an important issue for us to maintain this as an important part of the organization. We also see the project as a way of promoting Erasmus + both to our members but also to other organizations. We see EVS as a way of sharing experiences and competencies about 3rd sector in Norway. We include volunteers in our daily work and try to challenge them, and also encourage them to involve themselves in our organization so than they can learn how to run an organization which can be profitable for them upon their return in their home countries. We have an open profile for our volunteers in the sense that we do not ask for one or few competencies. But try to design the profile of the activities as much as possible according to the volunteers interest and competencies. That means that each year will be different and the volunteers will be involved in many different activities. During the project we put a lot of effort in the learning process. We use Youthpass as a tool for reflecting on what they learn in all aspects of their EVS project. It will be anything from how they adopt to the Norwegian society or to how they learn to post articles on web. It is also relevant to talk about what they learn from living together and sharing an apartment. Volunteers are challenged to work independent and see possibilities in a way that also gives them the chance to learn about entrepreneurship and responsibility. Activities in the project may be general work in office with database, member registration and communication. It would be graphic work with brochures and web pages. It will be work in children group and after school program. Youth work and youth clubs, camps and festivals. Its also include work with elderly people and disabled, people at risk, Roma community, and refugees in Norway. As we arrange trainings and study tours and conferences it will also involve planning and communication with participants and partners about program and contracts.



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