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EVS: Not Just History - season 2
Date du début: 10 mai 2015, Date de fin: 9 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"EVS: Not just History season 2" - is a project builds on the experience gained in several projects for short-term EVS, and now young people with special needs participated in activities and develop their skills. Specific objectives: - Implementation of the learning process and providing the opportunity to work on the field of archaeological monument old capital - Veliki Preslav, 21 young people from six countries within the framework of the program for the development of specific skills in the field of archeology, guiding and handling the collections and skills to communicate effectively and work in a multicultural team; - Improving the quality of youth work, and inclusion of people with specific needs; - Assessment, certification and giving publicity to the achievements and competencies acquired during EVS; - Intercultural cooperation for the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people and the local community. The project was a 45 days-short-term EVS, attended by volunteers from 6 different countries (7 of them were young people with special needs): Hungary, Latvia, Spain, UK, Georgia, Turkey, supported by volunteers and staff from Bulgaria. As a result of the project: - The participants were acquainted with the facts of Bulgarian and world history from the VII - XI century; - Gain experience and knowledge from the field of archeology and field work and historical museum; - They lived together and learned how to plan a budget, resources, time; - Develop their language skills for communication in foreign languages; - Learning about traditions and customs - as the hosts from Bulgaria and each of the participating countries; - Worked on her own projects - as a result of which created a video project, a fashion show with traditional costumes and interact with the local community; - Travel and explore Bulgaria: nearby historical towns (Shumen, Pliska, Madara, Veliko Tarnovo) and beautiful resting places of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast; - Established friendships with each other and with the local community.



6 Participants partenaires