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Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed project is planned to be a long-term EVS activity in ANEVE. ANEVE is Portuguese platform/organization of former EVS. To accomplish the project the Finnish volunteer (very open to change, changes and eager to learn) will be involved in sociocultural activities taking place in Setubal and surroundings.As main objectives, the project strives to develop the understanding and view of the volunteer to the world; to improve the ANEVE planning and allocation of resources (human, logistic and budget), to apply individually (self-understanding/perception) and/or in target groups; to stimulate critical evaluation of the outcomes and activities results of any suggested improvements for the long term and sustainability. Main motto “think global act local”.The host organization ANEVE will take advantage of a multicultural environment as means to strengthen the dynamics of the project; attracting the participation of local youth in activities relating to EVS projects; by giving volunteers a series of new skills / tools in key areas of the project and strengthen the already acquired. Task interchange is possible between the volunteers to result in a broader scope of training and outcomes.The main themes for the activities will be open to change and dynamic such as mobility, skills and competences and especially the stimulation of critical thinking. Ways to explore this topics varies from art and culture to media and information/communication for youth. This project (under this methodology) is designed to increase good results into all parts involved:-relevant learning outcomes - transferable skills/key competences for the Volunteer on social and professional dimensions; -local impact with the innovative inputs - given by Volunteer from other sociocultural background as Finland into local community;-strong partnerships between organizations - building follow-up protects in response to the evaluation of each finalized project.



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