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EVS: joint venture for fostering social inclusion, active participation and solidarity
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EVS hosting project"EVS: joint venture for fostering social inclusion, active participation and solidarity" wants to give a concrete demonstration of youth contribution importance in today's society, aiming at strengthen volunteers’ sense of active participation and European citizenship that will allow them to broaden their horizons and understand that Europe is an opportunity to be seized.The activities,implemented through ENF methods, allow volunteers to develop creativity, enterprise, sense of initiative, achieving personal and social growth in order to guide their future choices, professional and not. 6 young Europeans, aged between 17 and 30 years old and coming in equal numbers from Estonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, will participate in this volunteering experience and will contribute during their6 months service, both in our organisation and in our local community, to implement activities and support services for young people, to develop concrete actions of solidarity and cooperation, to promote active and democraticcitizenship, increasingly participatory.The activities program, while different for each individual project, has an similarorganization both in the structure and in the non-formal methods. In addition to training and evaluation activities, volunteers will be involved in 3 local projects managed by Strauss:- Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy);- Environmental promotion and awareness;- Creativity and culture.The presence of experts will ensure high quality and fluid development to the project implementation, as well as ensuring results of great impact on both volunteers and local communities. In addition, the full availability of facilities and equipment will enable AssociazioneCulturale Strauss to manage the project in the highest level of order and serenity. The target group of the project is quite varied and it reach, thanks to the activities that ourproject idea will develop, different level of local youth reality: local young people with problems of integration into society; young people living different situations of distress; high school and University students; structured and unstructuredyoung people; the entire local community. However everyone will take advantage and enjoy the multicultural contribution assured by the presence of foreign volunteers, in addition to the practical support provided by these onesin the activities implementation, producing benefits in terms of intercultural learning, social growth of the community and understanding of other cultures and traditions as well asthe destruction of stereotypes and prejudices often rooted in recessionary environments.We want to generate,by creating together with our project partners a real "joint venture", a ”domino effect” in order to cause a reaction that in a linear and continuous sequence will be precursor of changes with a positive impact in all areas achieved . Close-knit cooperation with partners, professional management of the project design and a meticulous attention to the volunteer learning process will provide a wave of innovation that will lead to break down the barriers of indifference, of misinformation and prejudice through the interchange among different cultures. In fact, the initiative will raise interest in the local communities, which will turn into participation, spreading to all involved actors the idea of anexisting and possible Europe.The impact also concerns the institutions and the political elementsat local and regional level which, influenced by the good results of the activities, will be encouraged to recognize and to give more support to young people and youth workers.



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