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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Youth Academy Walberberg (JAW) connects through its activities national and international partners who mainly work with the target group of “young people from disadvantaged backgrounds” in bilingual and multilingual projects. At our international contact seminar that took place at Jugendakademie Walberberg in September 2014 we discussed with our partners about goals, prospects and of European cooperation and its structural improvement. Particularly it deals with the conceptions of framework conditions and conflict management in various projects. At this occasion the partners decided to widen our EVS activities. By offering EVS opportunities to young people from Germany and other EU countries, we open them the way for improving their language, intercultural and social skill and thus their opportunities to get into the professional work market. The volunteers are actively involved in the daily life of their hosting organisation and reflect their learning results regularly with their contact person of the host and the sending organisation. As result we expect that the vulunteers will have become aware about their vocational orientation and gained social, self management and intercultural comeptences, which make them more self secure to solve challenging situations and tasks in their professional career. With this project we apply for two EVs proejcts:- Sending one German volunteer to NYP2 in Dublin from 01.09.2016 till 31.08.2017. Jugendakademie Walberberg will be sending organization, NYP2 will be hosting the volunteer. - Hosting one Italian volunteer at Jugendakademie Walberberg from 01.10.2016 till 30.09.2017. Porta Nuova Europa in Pavia will be sending organization, JAW will be hosting the volunteer. The applicant (JAW) is in charge of being coordinating organisation for both projects.



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