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EVS in the "Jugendzentrum Gewölbe"
Date du début: 7 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 6 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Verein für Freizeit und Bildung der Jugend" realised that young people from other countries who support the team of the youth leaders in the youth centre "Jugendzentrum Gewölbe" are very enriching for the youth work in town. They bring their own perspective of their countries and cultures give a different view to certain issues. Furthermore the youngsters who visit the youth centre have a different approach and sometimes can talk easier to people who are around their age or only a little bit older because they often can share same experiences and similar youth cultures. This project enabled the volunteer to gain new expierences by living in another country, to enhance personal development by the practice in the voluntary service and its reflection and to gain new perspectives and inspiration for his future live. This project contained one activity which is an EVS in the Jugendzentrum Gewölbe in Steyr, Upper Austria. It was one male volunteer in the age of 19 from Germany. The main activities in the EVS were supporting the youth leaders during the opening times with cooking for and with the youngsters, playing games, creative actions like painting, making music... helping with home work and "being there" for the youngsters by giving attention and listening. Furthermore the volunteer supported the youth leaders in organising projects and enriched the youth centre with own little projects and ideas. The objectives were: To provide a setting for the volunteer to gain competences in the field of youth leading. To support the volunteer in his personal developement and learning process. To provoque cultural enrichment and tolerance and reducing prejudices in multiple areas: the volunteer, the team, the youngsters participating in projects or visiting the youth centre and other multipliers. To enrich the youth centre and the regional youth work with new ideas and perspectives from a young person from another country. The attained impact was for the participant: -personal developement, raise of self esteem and self awareness, - cultural enrichment, broadening perspectives, tolerance...especially towards other religions - aquiring competence in youth leading (eg. interest in young people and responsability of dealing with their honesty and trust) - developing a conscious personal way of reflecting and learning organisation and other youth leaders in the region: - cultural enrichment, - new inputs for youth work, - improving competence of being a hosting organisation youngsters in the youth centre: - reflecting own culture, reducing predudices towards Germans - inspiration by a motivated young person - finding a person of trust and a friend in the volunteer Long term benifits: During this EVS the participant gained a lot of experience in the youth field, on living independently in another country and he gained a lot of personal competences that help him orientate what he wants to do afterwards and find his way in future life. Long term benefits for the youth centre are ideas the volunteer had for the youth centre that we will continue in the youth centre, eg. the self-made "Mini-Schultüten" for the beginning of school or the Pizza-cooking with the youngsters.



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