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EVS in the Countryside
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Art Mine:Context/background/objectives: Art Mine is a young multicultural non-profitable organization based in Austria serving the public interest and common good. We promote art, culture, cultural diversity, interculturality, intercultural dialogue, peace, respect and reconciliation. We are based in the rural area where everything what is “different” stands out even more as in urban areas. This is why we are organizing cultural and educational projects and events to address diversity and reconciliation but also to contribute to the development of rural areas and give all interest groups a chance to get involved. Activities: We work with and for all age groups. Our annual projects: 1. Tower of Songs (music concerts with musicians and music writers who are not that well known). This project is continously co-financed by Styrian government. 2. Working with youth in the field of peacebuilding, promotion of tolerance. 3. Artists of Reconciliation: under the patronage of famous personalities we are presenting international artists who have been through trouble and war personally and who have successfully overcome their hatred and animosities to be reconciled with themselves and their communities.The volunteer will be hosted from 1st October 2016 until the end of May 2017.Sonnenhaus Leibnitz:Context/background/objectives/activities/methodology: The "Verein Elemente Werkstatt" runs a school ("Sonnenhaus") for children aged 6-14 years, based on principles of progressive education, esp. Montessori and nonviolent communication. With our school, we aim at supporting and guiding children on their way to responsible-minded, confident and open-minded persons. Furthermore we try to deepen contacts and intensify common activities with other educational institutions and establish a centre for progessive education in the region and across the close border to Slovenia. Currently, there are 26 children attending our school, which started in 2010. Since autumn 2014, our new school building in the city of Leibnitz is finished. Nevertheless, our school is already a certified "ÖKOLOG"-school (a network of schools with a focus on environmental issues, and active member of various networks for progressive education. Furthermore we put a focus on intercultural and -lingual education like lessons in slovenian language. The volunteer will be hosted from October 2016 to the end of June 2017.Vulkanschule Auersbach:Context/background/objectives/activities/methodology: The Vulkanschule is a school for pupils aged 6–14. It is a small school, with all together 45 pupils, situated in the countryside in South-Eastern Austria. The Vulkanschule is a private school with „Öffentlichkeitsrecht“, which means that we are legally like any other public school, with the only exception that the association financially sustaining the school is private: We are a parents` initiative. The Vulkanschule is the only school following a reformist education in the region of Feldbach. We teach according to Maria Montessori and Peter Petersen`s Jenaplan. It is in secondary school that a volunteer is needed in the first place.Central ideas of our pedagogy are a holistic, project-oriented, interdisciplinary and mixed-age education, learner-centered, action-oriented and eager to keep up the joy of learning.It is due to the learner-centered way of teaching, that we are looking for an encouraged and pedagogically interested person to support us - respectively our pupils and who is eager to support pupils and teachers in easy assignments, e.g. gardening, cooking, arts, handcraft. We would like our pupils to really get in touch with Europe and open their eyes to the fact that nowadays we don`t live in isolated countries any more.A volunteer at our school will be involved in all activities that have to do with school. The volunteer will be hosted from October 2016 to the end of June 2017.



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