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EVS in Styria
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youthcenter ClickIn: Context/background/objectives: The youthcenter ClickIn, one of the suburbs of the Styrian capital Graz, has been established in the year 2002 based on a cooperation of LOGO and the municipality Gratwein to provide young people with a youth center on location in order that they don´t need heading for Graz in their leisure time. Moreover it was of utmost concern to support both young people with a meeting point on location who would not have the possibilty for mobility and to minimize the danger arising due mobility from Gratwein/Judendorf to Graz there and back. Activities: The main idea behind the youthcenter is to provide recreational activities and to promote active communication and interaction through a variety of approaches (new media, all kind of sports, creativity, art workshops, cooking, music and so on). The volunteer will support the team of the youthcenter ClickIn in all areas and will be encouraged to develope own creative projects with or for the target groups. In addition, hosting an evs volunteer provides the oportunity to raise awareness of intercultural learning and respect for others. Basically we hope to foster with this project empathy for other cultures both for the volunteer and the local comunity. Thee volunteer will be hosted from April 2015 until the end of July 2015. Children´s Village: Context/background/objectives: The goal of the organization is to make concepts for youth welfare institutions and to administrate them, to administrate child care institutions and to plan and provide educational offers in issues which range from pedagogical, psychological, school-, health- and job market-related matters to socio-political ones. Activities: Care for children and young people within the “Vollen Erziehung” (housing in a non-family environment according to the Styrian Youth Welfare Law) - Children’s Village. Administration of a childcare institution (Kindergarten). Placing offers for education The target groups of the Children´s Village are children and young people in a state of social need, who cannot live in their original family. Those children have made all kind of negative experience such as alcohol abuse by their parents, lack of support in school issues, sexual abuse, i.e. . Children´s Village has hosted volunteers from different countries since 7 years. The exchange between EVS volunteers and the children and young people is considered very useful for this host project. Moreover it is a unique possibility for the target group of Children´s Village to get to know other parts of Europe and to increase it´s European awareness. All 3 volunteers will be hosted from March 2015 to the end of December 2015. Art Mine: Context/background/objectives: Art Mine is a young multicultural non-profitable organization based in Austria serving the public interest and common good. We promote art, culture, cultural diversity, interculturality, intercultural dialogue, peace, respect and reconciliation. We are based in the rural area where everything what is “different” stands out even more as in urban areas. This is why we are organizing cultural and educational projects and events to address diversity and reconciliation but also to contribute to the development of rural areas and give all interest groups a chance to get involved. With our activities and initiatives we would like to make the community aware of the positive influences of cultural diversity but also bring together youth to exchange their knowledge and learn from each other. Activities: We work with and for all age groups. Our annual projects: 1. Tower of Songs (music concerts with musicians and music writers who are not that well known). This project is co-financed by Land Steiermark. 2. Working with youth in the field of peacebuilding, promotion of tolerance: This year we will organize a youth exchange called Youth for Peace (co-finance by Erasmus+), similar events are planned for next year. 3. Artists of Reconciliation: under the patronage of famous personalities we are presenting international artists who have been through trouble and war personally and who have successfully overcome their hatred and animosities to be reconciled with themselves and their communities. The volunteer will be hosted from April 2015 until the end of January 2016.



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