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EVS in Richebois 2016-2017
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project consists in hosting a european volunteer in order to contribute to a social inclusion of interns with disabilities in a training center in Marseille.The Centre Richebois ( ), situated in the 16th district of Marseille, is a hosting center and training center for adults (18-50 years old) with different disabilities and low qualifications. The volunteer will be hosted in the center of Richebois, in a single room, he will have access to the restaurant of the centre and will be able to use a car of Richebois. The volunteer in collaboration with the center and his mentor, (who support him/her regarding all the Centre life) ; will propose to the trainees different types of entertainment and cultural activities in the center or outside. She/he will work after training, in the evening and weekends.The action of the volunteer will aim to:- activate self confidence- cultivate the curiosity and tolerance- Participate to a collective project- Work on the intergenerational dimension- Help their socio and professional integration The volunteer could organize cultural evenings, games, outings, exhibitions, going to the cinema, to the stadium, theatre or other events in the area. The volunteer will be hosted 11 months and he will work with the direction team of the center, he will have a mentor for his mission at the center (M Bibet) and a mentor for his EVS project (N Mitjans) and he will be invited to some of the events with Parcours le Monde Sud Est. The center will also offer French cours to the volunteer.



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