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EVS in Lower Austria 2015_2016
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

we apply for two long term evs projects in the following organisations: Verein Südwind NÖ Süd and Verein Jugend und Lebenswelt. Both organisations are working with youngsters and multipliers. Both projects have a duration of 12 months. Südwind NÖ Süd is situated in Wiener Neustadt. The organisation will host an volunteer from ukraine. The activitiy start will be in june (depending on the visum) and the activity will run for 12 months. Tasks of the volunteer: support of the team by their daily work organising some workshops, support the team facebook posting, making pictures, create own workshop ideas office work The organisation Jugend und Lebenswelt is situated in St. Pölten. The organisation will host an spanish volunteer for 12 months. The activity should start in the beginning of june 2015 and will run for 12 months. he volunteer will be part of our team (about 20 persons) The areas that she/ he can participate are: Checkpoint - mobile youth service and infopoints at concerts, events, clubs and discotheques. Help the team to inform youngsters and young people about several topics lice sexualtiy, parties, law,... He/ she can also support the team of the other stations of the organisations like support the team by their daily work like: - organizing some sport activities like climbing or skating contests, table soccer games, - organizing some musical events like band contests, dance workshops, - organizing some other youth events like graffitie workshops, or workcamps during the summer time The volunteer will have the possibility to realise a own project like workshops with different topics, cooking together with the youngster,.... The volunteer will also have the possibility to learn a lot about youth work and will get practical insight into various fields of yout work like leisure time activities, intercultural dialogue, employment and unemployment, education and training.



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