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EVS in children and youth centers in Berlin and Brandenburg
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The KiEZ Hölzerner See is a recreation center for children and youth in Brandenburg. The Child and Youth Club MAXIM and Oktopus , the networking project M24, Forum Kreuzberg and the Youth Cultural Centre Königstadt are facilities of the district office of Berlin and thus in public ownership . They are open to children and young people without any ethnic , religious, social or political restrictions . The facilities primarily fulfill tasks in the leisure sector , the core activity is the open children's and youth work. Based on the needs of children and young people It offers numerous cultural, artistic and creative activities, as well as extracurricular education and sports. With classes, workshops and projects on topics as diverse as possible, a wide range of leisure activities for different age groups is presented. Furthermore, also the multicultural meeting and getting to know of play and leisure opportunities in other countries and cultures has a permanent place. From a young age , children should learn about foreign cultures and thus gain a greater openness and understanding. For example, in addition, each year an international workcamp and a music festival take place, providing an international flair. The target group of the devices ranges from 6 - 25 years . The facilities have about 50 visitors on average every day. The EVS project in the youth recreational facilities in Berlin and Brandenburg is designed to allow the users of the facilities to make an international experience with young people from other cultures and to get an insight into their culture and background. Furthermore, this project helps the employees in the hosting projects to get a new wider perspective on youth work. Working with young people from Europe, they broaden their horizons , gain new ideas and can think about different and new future projects together with the volunteers . In order to achieve a lasting effect, the seven volunteers from France, Italy, Denmark, Turkey and Ukraine will spend 12 months in the facilities, thereby, gaining insights into all areas that match their skills and interests. Thus, their individual activities and personal development opportunities will decisively contribute to their vocational orientation. They will learn through open labor structures and active participation and integration in the teams of youth facilities of its own power of decision and get European perspectives for further actions. The newly acquired linguistic, intercultural and career-related experiences and skills are significant and of lasting effect on their future personal and professional life and they can move on as carriers and multipliers of the European idea . The international prospects and the benefits of European mobility programs can thus locally be passed on through personal exchange in Germany and in their home countries directly to their personal networks. Furthermore through their contacts during international meetings, seminars and work camps during their EVS an exchange at European and international level can also be achieved, by which in addition to the publications on the European Youth Portal and other media forms a wide audience can be reached.



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