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EVS in 3city
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "EVS in 3city" project includes the works of the four volunteers; 1 from Germany, 1 from France, 1 from Spain and1 from Portugal. The aim of the project is to increase opportunities for active participation of citizens in society, promoting the pursuit of continuous development and the possibility of cooperation with local community representatives of other member states of the European Union. They will work in Morena Association, at the information desk Europe Direct and in the Neighbourhood House.All volunteers will come to a long-term volunteering lasting 10 months.Weekly work schedule of 35-40 hours of activity will be included in the Polish language lessons, meetings with a mentor, time to prepare their classes, evaluation).Classes for all volunteers:- Promotion of EVS and Erasmus +;- Preparation for the evaluation of their own activity;- Conducting a blog, update Facebook and set up a profile on Instagramie;- Support the organization of everyday functioning, help the Association in organizing major events and active participation in them;- Learning Polish and Polish culture;- Pursue language classes for the local community;- Propose and implement their own ideasThey will familiarize their students with a diverse culture of Europe by presenting their countries, and instilling a sense of belonging to Europe. Volunteers will also introduce to children, youth, skauts, people at risk of social exclusion and adults with the history, geography and culture of their countries.We focus on community service volunteer work for the local community - children, youth and persons with disabilities or on the dole. Innovation and creativity of the volunteer is also important for us. We are open to any new ideas of the volunteers, especially topromote volunteering.We are planning to organize several interactive meetings during which volunteers will promote the idea of volunteering and willdistribute a variety of cultural and citizenship in Europe.The project will increase the personality of volunteers; expand their skills, knowledge of languages and cultures, combatingstereotypes of foreigners, as well as the ones of Poles. Will also deepen knowledge about the European Union and "Erasmus+" in the local community, as well as in-depth sense of belonging to the community of the EU. With many promotionalcampaigns, as well as through voluntary work with children, youth and adults awareness and a sense of community onEuropean Citizenship will be deepened. Young people and children will feel that they are only Poles, but they are also part ofa larger community such as the European Union.



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