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EVS im Montessori-Kinderhaus Friedenau 2016
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The German-English bilingual Montessori-Kinderhaus Friedenau is a kindergarten, which is located in the district Friedenau in Berlin. They take care for around 100 children aged 1-6 years, in different groups. The volunteers from Hungary (w 28) and France (w 27) accompany the children in their daily flow to participate in group actions, as well as offer their own playful, creative or musical activities, coming out of their own skills and interests which also evolve thereby.Meeting the European volunteers opens a vivid insight to the children, how international diversity can be designed in an enriching way to be constructive and mutually supportive. The volunteers bring Traditions, knowledge, customs, habits and culinary influences from their countries, what can also enrich the experience of the children and colleagues and brings new perspectives to them. At the same time they experience an example of how institutional childcare can be in another EU country.In the EVS-seminars and in our additionally offered media-workshop on European issues in Berlin, the volunteers can reflect their experiences and ideas, and gain further knowledge on how to design a strong and peaceful European Union. Especially the insight in a facility which cares for children and promote non- formal-learning can, in a wider frame of perception, arouse interest in the question, how to introduce the younger generation to our European society, so that they can develope the right tools for creating a future that is worth living. In the long term, we expect our volunteers to continue their interest in these issues in their future life- and work-contexts, and the pleasure and ability to actively participate in political debates on the European future.The participation in an EVS at the Montessori Kinderhaus Friedenau offers a very good framework for personal development, an extended chance to national mobility, an intensive work experience, and opportunities to acquire key skills through informal education.



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