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EVS For Human Rights - Thinking Globally, Acting Locally
Date du début: 1 mars 2014,

"General standards of human rights apply to the people of all countries because, regardless of their cultural background, all humans share an inherent yearning for freedom, equality and dignity."EVS For Human Rights: Thinking Globally , Acting Locally is a long terme EVS project coordinate by Human Rights Youth organization based in Italy and develloped by the partneship with Nepal, India and Cameroon. This project grow up together with the ideas of the volunteras shared with the H.R.Y.O. to make a project which could developed the different rural areas in the world, expecially to underline the importance of Humans Rights in those areas which unfortunately are not still always garanteed. The idea of the project come up because each participant in his own way have been increasing this theme in different ways but with the same personal persistent motivation. The objectives are basically two, one is to let the competences of the volunteer grow up him self and the other one is the contribution of the volunteer wich delvelop the local community at the same time. The project will involve 6 volunteers from Italy , two for each hosting country. The implementation activities will be arranged with the aim to support the local community to develop their knowledge about Human Rights and their uses. Considereted every rural place conditions all the three organizations will use social activities based on non formal education trying to involve as much as possible the local community; this will help also to underline the important role of the volunteers for the community, but also to make each voluntear still felling part of a global project. Even if all of them are acting locally with the media education tool they will have the responsability to field a common blog which will let them share informations between them ,but also they will produce something to the world , expecially showing how and what is going on for real unfortunately in each hosting country.


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