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EVS for Diversity
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "EVS for Diversity" involves eleven partners from five countries that will enable young people from Poland, Italy, Portugal and Turkey to do a European Voluntary Service in Germany. Partners are IB Berlin-Brandenburg (coordinator), its six institutions ARCHE-Neuenhagen, Youth Club Blaupause, Betrieb Brandenburg Südost, Asylum Seeker Centre Seefichten, Youth Centre Nordstern and Seminar- und Lehrgangsinstitut Bernau (hosting organisations) as well as the sending organisation IB Polska (Poland), C.E.S.I.E. (Italy), ProAtlantico (Portugal) and Bursa Mem (Turkey).Six young people, two from Poland, one from Italy and one from Turkey, will do a voluntary service for 12 months and one person from Poland will do a 4-month voluntary service in the hosting organisations in Bernau and Neuenhagen (near Berlin) as well as Frankfurt (Oder). The six hosting organisations do youth and community work. The young people will be involved in the youth work, event management and the social work of the four organisations. Through life and work in another countriy, the volunteers will improve their intercultural competences, their languages kills as well as team works and organisational skills. They will be able to contribute their own ideas and projects and incorporate them into the work of the organisations. They will especially inform and present European topics in the organisations through projects, presentations and other means. Through this, the European awareness of the volunteers, the participating organisations and the clients of the organisations is improved. Additionally, the EVS is aimed to show diversity of young people: people from different background and with disadvantages such as disabilities or learning difficulties working and learning together.



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