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EVS for Conscious Education
Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our interest in receiving European volunteers through the Erasmus + program: Youth in Action is given in a while. We think hosting two volunteers in our association can be a source of learning for us and for volunteers and children who have joined us in daily activities. With the project proposal "Conscious EVS for Education" we want to offer a learning experience in the field of formal and formal education, in which young volunteers improve or acquire skills for their personal, educational and professional development as well as their social integration. The objectives of this project are: - Improve the capacity (knowledge, skills and abilities) of the volunteers and staff of our partnership with a view to innovation in education and personal development. - Increase awareness and understanding of other cultures of our children, partners and local community through direct interaction with our future volunteers. - Improving language skills in Spanish volunteers. - Create synergies between international organizations that share similar values to ours. - Promote awareness of other cultures and traditions and promote intercultural dialogue; - Encourage cooperation between youth non-profit organizations and local government agencies in Europe. Through the activities within the project volunteers will have the opportunity to learn: - Basics knowledge of the Waldorf pedagogy through the activities with the children, on the one hand, and on the other hand, participating in the workshops of studies, conferences and workshops organized by our association on issues related to Waldorf education; - To manage the will, patience, respect, etc; - Approach the world of children from a perspective where respect and love are the basis of everything. - How to help children in conflict management; - How to create Waldorf games, such as: logging dolls, gnomes felt and / or wool, wooden animals etc. - How to make bread, rice and millet pudding, cookies etc. - Spanish singing nursery rhymes; - Stories and the way in which they have in Waldorf classrooms; - How activities are performed in the garden based on traditional festivals, such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Michael There are many activities associated with the holidays and both teachers, volunteers, parents and children must participate in the organization of the material and songs; - To work together and participate in meetings with partners, decision making etc. The inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities is also a priority objective, since not only this project will involve two young volunteers who have economic difficulties, education or cultural. By working directly with these young people, we want to acquire new skills to improve, at the end of the project, the inclusion in the workplace and in local communities.   Waldorf education offers a very broad view of the human being that points toward self-education and the discovery of it can be a source of growth for our volunteers. We believe that our project can be a source of growth for the future volunteers, and especially for those who have a certain attraction for education. We believe that through education based on values ​​that respect the human being with one person can create positive change in our society. Expected results include the improvement of quantity and quality of HO's work for the development and well being of the Asociación Jardín Waldorf de Murcia, hosting community, with strong positive impact on all EVS participants and beneficiaries of HO's actions. In this project, the volunteers will also have the opportunity to experience a different culture and way of living, to master many useful tools and competences in the three main fields of work, to learn about organization of social and cultural events, to improve their skills in intercultural communication and learning of Spanish language. Therefore, young participating volunteers will benefit from this mobility that provides them the opportunity to develop their social and professional skills and competences which increases the chances of finding better job opportunities and/or creating their own in the future. Importantly,this project will contribute for positive change of mentalities for updated European awareness: youngsters from local community will be more sensitive to European debated issues and also aware of policies regarding youth, all through peer-to-peer transmission of knowledge, in a non-formal way.



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