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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project will be developed principally in Arenas de San Pedro. We would like to host 3 volunteers as we consider 1 could feel alone here if we have in mind the rural character of our region. Evaluating the EVS project with our current volunteers we think the increasing number of activities of the association allow to have more volunteers. This experience is enrichment to us as organization, to the volunteers themselves and for the local young people. The volunteers will live in an independent house with garden in the neighbourhood of the village centre. They will be provided by their own room, sharing kitchen, toilet, bathroom, etc. The organization will provide some bicycles for the volunteers. The distance between their place of living and the place of work is of 30 min walking. Arenas de San Pedro is a dynamic village with an active associative network (having in consideration its size). There are 15 active local associations working on a large variety of topics, starting with agriculture, responsible consume and ending by mountain activities. The Project will last for 9 months, starting the activity 1st of October 2015 and finalizing on 30th of June 2016. The participants are coming from Poland, Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “EVS in YP2OF!” project´s aims: - To favour the volunteers ´integration in their new environment by their participation in the organization´s activities - To promote a consciousness in the following topics: youth innitiative, citizen participation, sustainability, tolerance, and No Violence - To facilitate the learning process and tools to be developed in rural area - To facilitate a team spirit - To create a space for personal learning by intercultural interaction. - To develop personal and social skills that the volunteers will be able to use in future, once back home - To get to know practical tools to work with young adolescents - To learn and discover how to work with online projects of informal learning - To promote youth mobility at European level - To show and explain to the youngsters of Arenas de San Pedro the facts about EVS - To facilitate learning of Spanish language Working method: The volunteers will assist in our association’s activities that were previously agreed upon and will have space and freedom to develop their own initiatives, depending on their interest and creativity. They will always have the possibility to count on our support and supervising. They will interact with young people of Arenas de San Pedro, but also with public administrations and other local associations. We will stimulate creation of workshops through a tandem between a volunteer and a local young person. Planned activities: - Youth meetings (every week) - Activities in colleges (once a week) - Meetings with the youth leaders (every week) - Realization of the Youth with Iniciative Congress (February 2016) - AJS Youth Festival (June 2016) - Videoconferences with other participating countries from the project - Helping with maintenance of the project blog and - Preparation of the youth exchanges l (July and August 2016) - Preparation of all youth initiatives that may arise during the time of the EVS (debates, camps, flashmob, etc) - Preparation and support in English class for children and Englisg Cafe - Youthpass meetings (twice a month) - Collaboration with the Handcraft or Music or Sport workshop together with the members of AREDIS. - Colaboration with some of the following spaces, according to the volunteer´s interest: Inter - Generational Debate, Basketball workshop, Jam- sessions, English Café, Photography workshop, Cinema workshop, Climbing workshop, Food Bank and Urban Riders School.



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