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EVS E-Structures
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "EVS E-Structures" project is a long-term European voluntary service activity, involving 1 volunteer from Poland that will be hosted by a youth organisation in Kalamata, Greece. His service will last for 9 months, since 5th of September 2015 tull 4th of June 2016. In the project take part 3 parties: SO/CO SAO BOna Fides, RO - K.A.N.E and EVS volunteer. We already have chosen volunteer - Maciej Białek.The methods used will be based on non-formal and informal learning and will be adapted to the needs and competences of each volunteer (experiential learning, peer-to-peer, group discussions, workshops, etc). The Activity aims: - Support the operational capacities of local civil society organisations and provide networking opportunities. - To maintain the web sites, blogs and other means of electronic communication of the organization and its projects in order to support the EVS structures in Greece. - The main outcome of the project is to develop the websites (,,, new website of the Youth Centre of Kalamata including internet radio, facebook, forums etc.) Those websites are the support measures for EVS volunteers in Greece and Kalamata. Also they are the way to promote the Youth in Action programme and volunteer work for the Greek - Promote the ERASMUS+ programme - Offer useful information, knowledge and non formal learning opportunities The volunteers’ tasks are: •Webmastering and updating the website of evsGreece - the networking website for EVS volunteers in Greece • Assist with the promotion of the website and other activities of the network •Coordinate the bimonthly newsletter • Search for partners to develop common projects •Assist with the webmastering of the virtual communities (yahoogroup and facebook group) •Preparation of informational material; searching, finding and developing the informational resources. •Assist the receiving organization with the other e-platforms which uses. •Assist with the development of promotional and visibility tools and strategy •Participate in the Youth Centre’s activities and language/cultural exchange workshops •Develop a personal project based on personal skills •The project is requiring high level of commitment by the side of the volunteer, sense of solidarity and tolerance and willing to work within a team. The volunteer is expected to acquire: - Acquire new skills, competences and knowledge, that will contribute to his personal and professional development. - Learn the language of the hosting country, a skill that he can use in his future employment or as a competitive advantage in their search for a job. - Develop organisational and managerial skills as he will have to prepare, organise and implement his own personal project - Develop the ability to work in a team and in an intercultural environment. - Become familiar with his hosting country and its culture. Being a foreigner living in another country, will give him the chance to recognise their European identity and to understand better his role as European Citizen. - Develop digital and technical competences (website administration, social media, video editing, etc).Volunteer will use Adobe photoshop and InDesign, MS Office applications(mainly word, excel and power-point) as well as in video and sound editing software - Develop his social and interpersonal skills



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