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„EVS България – опознай и обикни“
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The meeting with Volunteering is a matter of personal choice and desire for "learning sector through experience", "learning by doing"."EVS Bulgaria - get to know and love" was developed entirely in support of the objectives of the Foundation and ERASMUS +. Activities included in the project meet the needs of the organization and mainly the participants, enabling them to acquire new skills, knowledge and experience, by methods of formal and informal training or rather learning through experience. Activities will be carried out in Bulgaria, cities Kotel and Velingrad, each with different characteristics, with a rich history, traditions, crafts, preserved in our land of the Thracian civilization to today crossroads of razlichnii nations over the centuries. Volunteers will learn about the specifics of the local folk culture of the Bulgarians.Specific objectives:- Understanding of the concept of European citizenship and the rights of young people as European citizens through voluntary work. Acquiring new competencies.- Awareness of the meaning of volunteering as a major way for young people to be active citizens;- Awareness of the benefits of belonging to the European Community and European citizenship- Promoting active citizenship of young people.- Informing local communities on the topic of active citizenship in general and in particular the European one, and opportunities for involvement in volunteering as a way for them to be active- Promoting solidarity, tolerance, intercultural dialogue and understanding of others.Implementation of the volunteers.Volunteers will be divided into two centers to carry out their activities, namely the Kotel and Velingrad.Volunteers will learn about the specifics of the local folk culture of the Bulgarians. They will learn the original stories about the development of the region, will learn practical skills related to local crafts such as carpet weaving, basketry, pottery, etc. In addition, they will acquire knowledge about elements of rural life, which would have particular application in their everyday lives by breeding of plants and animals, methods for preparing food, collecting and processing of herbs, repair of small appliances and items . In addition, they will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the elements of the festive rituals associated with the calendar, family and community celebrations. Through personal interviews with representatives of the local population, and describing and filming their encounters and impressions, volunteers will create a their own interpretation of the current situation in the Bulgarian village. Will participate in field studies together with the museums and their spetsialisti.Tyahnata activity will be documented and presented in the form of a photographic exhibition at the end of project activities. Will provide an opportunity to develop its tourism product to be submitted and implemented in their own countries.



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