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EVS-Barne- og ungdomsarbeid hos Voss KFUK-KFUM
Date du début: 27 août 2015, Date de fin: 26 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Voss KFUK-KFUM (YMCA / YWCA) cooperates with CVJM Germany in finding a volunteer to stay with us for one school year, taking part in the large children- and youth work carried out by our small organization in the village of Voss in the west of Norway. Voss KFUK-KFUM owns its own house, Vonheim, centrally located in Voss. All our activities are carried out in the house, which has one full time employee and three employees (20 + 15 + 15 %) in the Open kinder garden we run three days a week. Our most important resource though, is the group of children, youngsters and adults who use and volunteer in our activities. This volunteer will be able to learn a lot about Norwegian culture and get insight and experiences form the running of and local children- and youth work by being actively involved the planning and execution of them. The volunteer will be assisting in the Open Kindergarden, she / he will be a leader for 10-13 year olds in Tween Sing, but the volunteer’s main effort will go into Refleks Ten Sing, a group with about 80 youth that do music, dance, drama, band, trips , concerts and social activities. The volunteer will be an important part of the group’s team of young leaders. We emphasize the potential for both personal and professional growth during the year, and believe that this is achieved by active and guided participation based on Voss KM and the volunteer's needs and competence.



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