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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Different EVS host projects focused on work with children, youth and elderly, that have been receiving EVS volunteers for years, expressed the wish to continue recieving volunteers starting September 2015 under the title: "EVS-all together" The project is scheduled to start with the new kindergarden and school year in Bavaria in September and to last 12 months. It takes place in kindergarten Elisabethheim PIC: 933772829, in the Montessori School PIC: 933772150 and Haus Waldenfels PIC: 933774090. The coordinating organization is IN VIA Würzburg PIC: 935048961. The sending organisations are ALTER EGO NGO, PIC: 945270336; Centar Fenix, PIC: 935048961; Comune di Trieste, PIC: 935048961 und DANSK ICYE PIC: 75867328; At those projects the volunteers experience how a kindergarten, a school with progressive teaching methods and a retirement home are managed and get acquainted with the everyday life in those facilities. The aim of the project is to involve young people from other countries in different activities, and through that to enable the opening for other countries, customs, traditions, ways of life, problems, etc. both for the volunteers and for everyone involved in the hosting projects. By that means we wish to increase the interest in Europe, thw own country, its policy, democratic processes and especially in its youth policy. The volunteers themselves will discover and expand their own strengths and qualities through participation in the projects, will apply all their skills and realize their interests to obtain a professional orientation by the participation at the EVS. The volunteers’ own learning processes can be realized particularly intense by the means of the close supervision and guidance of the volunteers in the projects and the tight network of volunteers and their joint activities that are offered by the coordinating organization, It will also encourage the volunteers to open themselves for the job opportunities in countries other than the country of origin. There are a total of in the age between 18 and 25 years who are to be hosted. 1 of them is school graduated, the other 2 are currently unemployed, 1 has not finished school and helps sporadically in his home village at the market construction. The volunteers are part of the team and are offered in all the three institutions the opportunity to create and realize their own projects after the induction and orientation phase. All the volunteers will have the possibility to attend a language course that corresponds to their language level. --



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