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EVS - A workshop in an integrated society
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Peder Morset Folkehøgskole is a boarding school for 64 students older than 18 years. 40 of these are to a sertain extent mentally disabled. Peder Morset fhs. Is also a course and seminary senter in the summer. The ideology and therefore all education and activities are based upon the idea of integration, in theory as well as in practical daily life. PMF workes to achive an integrated school society where mentally disabled stydents live and learn togheter with other students. The aim is to run as much teaching as possible in integrated groups, and in that way be a part of the gradual, official integration of disabled people into society. The students that not are disabled, profit from the integrated teaching and the many practical experiences from daily life situations.This experience and knowledge they can use later, in their work, or in a society where disabled are integrated. As far as we know, PMF is the only school practising integration in this way.Now we also work with a project for better environment both in our school and in teh whole world and we also opened for refugees to stay in our school as a part of teh integration program in Norway.The volunteers works with all these things together with the staff - and they also brings ideas from their own countries into our daily life in school. The volunteers get a lot of practise in working with all these things and many of them continue this way in further education and work after finishing their EVS-period here.



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