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EVS- a chance for everybody
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Montessorischool Würzburg and the Kindergarten Elisabethenheim , that are involved in the EVS since years ,will go on with the EVS through the cooperation with IN VIA , as the coordinating organisation. The will host again volunteers and apply the project : "EVS- a chance for everybody". The volunteers come from Luxemburg, Egypt, UK, Armenia and Danmark. The sending organisation "Conrordia" and "DANSK- ICYE" are already known from projects before , the partner ship with the other sending organisations is new. The project should start in September with the beginn of the new school year in Bawaria and should be 12 month.The aim of the project is to involve young people from other countries in kindergarden- the school everyday live and to open everybody for the countries, cultures of the hosted volunteers and the host country. Both organisations work with children, youngsters and parents with flight experiences. Through more or less existing language knowledge from all sides, volunteers and pupils, experience the process to get in contact with each other and to experience more and more their abilities to communicate with each other. The volunteers have the possibilitiy to support projects in the "Freispiel", "Freiarbeit " in the lessons or to offer own ( small) projects. Although there they can bring in their abilities and interrests.The volunteers are a part of the staff and experience a kindergarden and a reformpaedagogical school with another paedagogic where the pupils are involved in all important decisions through class conferences, panel work or the "4 column modell". Regular meetings with the volunteers supporting team is a fixed part of the project and give the chance to reflect the leraning process in regard to a occupational career through the EVS.



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