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Европейски професионален опит в WEB дизайна
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is for 20 students from the Electrical Mechanic Professional High School in Pazardjik , who are studying Computer science and System programming . The purpose of the project is to acquaint the participants with the various methods in Web design ; to give them knowledge and practical skills in a real working environment and give the chance for a better work realization. Thus, it will be created good conditions for preparing the working competence required by the European integration of Bulgaria. The project is under the initiative of the Electrical Mechanic Professional High School in Pazardjik. It will contribute for the introduction of the future specialist with the European methods and technologies in the IT sector. This will guarantee the steady development of the IT sector in the region and may lead to attraction of foreign investments. The project includes language education connected with the needed terminology , theoretical and practical knowledge in the Web design . The goal is to improve the competitive power of the students through education in the modern technologies and innovations; to enhance the connections between the Electrical Mechanic Professional High School and small and medium-sized business . The education will be conducted by our German partners under the innovational approach of ‘’know-how’’ methods. These methods include effective , flexible and adaptive high-technology training. Our partners assist in the improvement of the competitive power, mobility and realization of young people in the working area. The participants will be selected after a public invitation made by the Electrical Mechanic Professional High School in Pazardjik. The selection will be made based on documents and discussion with the students. The Electrical Mechanic Professional High School will organize pedagogical, theoretical, cultural and linguistic training of the students. Our partners from ALFATRAINING will provide for usage their technical base to the teachers and the tutors and accommodate our students with suitable working spots. In addition, they will provide suitable dormitory for our students. Moreover, they will introduce to the students and teachers from the Electrical Mechanic Professional High School the used methods and approaches for the education and educational programs. The main results and expected benefits from this projects are: - Increase in the motivation of the graduating professional education students - New ways of practical education and exploration of the real situation in the business and production - Extension of the knowledge, competence and quality of the professional training - Ensuring better chance for the successful realization on the regional and European working market - Acquiring knowledge in programming in Web design - Improvement of the knowledge of other cultures, which will encourage the intercultural communication in the frames of the European Union The training will be conducted from 11. 07. 2016 till 31. 07. 2016. The possibility of changing the dates for conducting the project will not affect the successful progress and completion of the training.



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