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Европейски опит за качествено професионално образование и обучение
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Initiator of the project “European experience of quality vocational education and training” is Vocational School of Light Industry and construction–Svishtov. The current draft provides implementation of three mobilities involving different target groups: Group one: 7 students in the vocational field of Hotels, restaurant and catering–2 weeks manufacturing practice in Rimini, Italy–July 2016. Group two: 7 students in the vocational field of Electrical and power engineering–2 weeks manufacturing practice in Portsmouth, UK–April 2016. Group three: 7 teachers in vocational training of various professions- 1week mobility in Portsmouth, UK–April 2016. The proposal focuses on the objectives of the program: -Support students to acquire the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to improve their personal development and employability of the European labor market and enhance foreign language competence of the participants; -Support the professional development of employees in the area of education, training and youth in order to stimulate innovation and improve the quality of teaching and training; The realization of this project aims to: -Expanding the professional knowledge and skills in the profession in a real working environment; -Promoting language learning and improving communication skills in a foreign language; -Acquisition of personal qualities such as discipline, responsibility, accuracy, organization, initiation, inherent in working people in developed European economies; -Supporting personal development, employability of users and their better adaptability of the European labor market; -Increasing the attractiveness of vocational education and mobility of the users and formation of aspiration for continuous professional development and improvement; -Improving the qualification of teachers and implementation of European experience in the field of vocational education and training; -Enhancing the prestige and self-confidence of the teachers. For realization of the project activities the school will cooperate with two partner organizations in host countries: Sistema Turismo in Italy and Training Vision in the UK. The chosen project partners will allocate obligations in order to achieve high quality in the mobility conduct, will cooperate to issue the Europass certificates and to implement the ECVET procedures. Expected results: -Acquired professional knowledge and skills in a real working environment; -Acquired language skills, with emphasis on learning specialized terminology appropriate to the profession; -Acquired communication skills in a foreign language, as a result of two-weeks work placement in real working environment in an EU country. -Acquired social skills to adapt in a multicultural environment; -Increased motivation to participate in future (formal/informal) education and training; -Gain experience for personal development and employability of users on the European labor market in the long term; -Increased teachers’ qualification through adoption and implementation in their practice the European experience in vocational education and training; -Increased self-confidence and prestige of the teachers. The implementation of this manufacturing training in an EU country will lead to the acquisition of professional skills of the students in a real working environment. Mobility will contribute to the formation of aspiration for professional development and improvement,will increase the activity of the students for successful realization in profession, will motivate their professional and personal development. The language learning, provided by the project and it’s practicing in a real language environment, will allow better and sound knowledge of professional vocabulary and will improve their communication skills. The exploration of another culture and traditions, the adoption of good practices will increase the chances of successful adaptation and implementation on the European labor market. Students will increase their independence and self-confidence. They will also enhance their motivation to participate in future trainings and this will help them to enhance their employability and better career prospects. For the teachers, taking part in this project, mobility will form desire for professional development and improvement. The European experience, acquired new knowledge and professional skills will help teachers to use new teaching methods in their work and to motivate students and adults to participate in vocational education and training. This will lead to the improvement of quality of vocational education and training. This project will enable effective cooperation in the field of vocational education and training. Promoting the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies during the mobility will increase motivation for learning and the quality of vocational education and training.All this will provide successful realization of the young people on the European labor market.



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