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Европейски измерения на професионалното образование
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Vocational School of Transport was established in 1949. It is located in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria and has established traditions in the field of Transport and Transport equipment. Numerous awards and distinctions won attest to the expertise and initiativity of the staff and trainees. Beneficiaries who will take advantage under the project are students aged 16-20 and undergo a 4-year course of study in the following fields: Automotive Engineering Mechanic /Automotive Materiel/, Material Handling Equipment and Technologies, Material Handling Equipment mounted of Road Vehicles and Mechatronic Units in Automotive Industry. Direct beneficiaries are 16 /sixteen/ students trained in the said specialties. In the course of study they acquire practical skills in various companies working in the field of diagnostics, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. Nowadays, domestic economy and pressing demand in skillful and enlightened in professional sphere middle specialists, who need no mentors on the working place and extra funds to be invested in set new challenges to vocational schools. A vocational school should not only provide the mandatory theoretical, professional and practical training as per the curriculum, but also to seek ways and means to ensure staff already prepared and meeting needs and demands of companies and enterprises. In our case, particularly- young, capable and competent professionals in the field of diagnostics, maintenance and repair of high-tech cars. Hence, it is desirable and expedient for vocational schools students to be provided as much and often as possible with training and mobility opportunities in countries with a developed automotive industry. For this reason we annually apply for programs, providing mobility. This year we chose the Austrian organization ECEAA- Aldona Biderman. Austria is a country that has gained much recognition internationally for its outstanding achievements in the automobile industry. Aldona Biderman's organization operates as a receiving partner under the program in Sirnitz, Austria. ECEAA - Aldona Biderman provides appropiate placements in training centers, small and medium companies and enterprises according to users' needs, interests and abilities. Transnational mobility ensures better adaptation to beneficiaries and successful self-fulfillment on the labor market. The project aims at: - Practical training of students from the Vocational School of Transport to work with new and modern equipment and technologies used in motor vehicles service and maintenance in order to satisfy the needs and demands of Bulgarian and foreign employers, to meet the business demands and last, but not least, to ensure successful self-fulfillment of young people in the labor market; - boosting intercultural knowledge of users. The project is aimed at providing young people who undergo initial vocational training greater opportunities to improve their skills and competence in the field of maintenance and repair of modern high-tech cars. Hence, better quality and access to continuing vocational training enhancement is achieved, foreign language skills and competence in the context of professional field are increased. There is a need for interaction with partners from European countries having established their names in the automotive industry to be promoted and deepened in order to equalize the quality of services offered in the field of transport engineering. Successful implementation of the project shall contribute to enriching the curricula, professional and language training; beneficiaries shall have the opportunity to implement intercultural exchange. In the course of three weeks starting from 17.04.2016 to 07.05.2016 a group of sixteen students undergone a practical training in Klagenfurt, Austria. Upon its completion, knowledge and skills acquired were provided to the indirect beneficiaries through theoretical presentation, visualization, sharing the good practices.



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