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"Европейски ценности от легенди оживяват"
Date du début: 1 avr. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “European legends` values come to life”" of Youth Center, Haskovo, Bulgaria, gives the opportunity for mutual cohesion of young people from four European countries- Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria, which are distant and close at the same time. Participants, reflecting on European issues, will be able to find that the themes of friendship, love, tolerance, unity, solidarity and humanism are particularly close to the mentality of each nation. Young people- representatives of different countries will identify common values, despite their cultural differences. Drawing on knowledge, wisdom and experience of the old legends and myths and educating in the universal values they with more confidence and commitment will live and work for the building of today's and future Europe. We provide mobility activities aimed at intercultural understanding, communication and inclusion; exchange of knowledge, skills and experience in the creative research and youth activities; workshops to recreate the legends of various countries seeking common values and the connections between the old legends and young people of today's Europe. The project includes activities to explore the heritage of Bulgaria, associated with old legends as one of the most accessible and converging means of communication among young people. Our idea with our partner organizations is to establish a long- term cooperation of work and to help each other with other activities of the program "Erasmus +". The project duration is 3 months and we have 8 days of activities. Direct participation in the project activities will take 24 young people, aged 14- '18 plus four leaders of groups with interests in the field of intercultural development, history and civic education. From the results of the project will benefit young people and citizens of Haskovo Municipality and all the participating countries. Group work requires the use of interactive methods- discussions, visualization, role play, group work. We will use methods such as observation, comparison, analysis direct work on the project. Through debates, discussions, lectures, demonstrations, the activities will become more accessible and understandable for the young people. Studies collection of cultural patterns are among the preferred methods of young people and at the same time they are very effective- and allow the direct contact with the testing subjects or places. To expand the circle of young people involved in the project and to attract public attention to the unity and specific mobile activities of the exchange we will work for a wide media publicity and transparency.



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