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Европейската визия за успех в професията
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project consists of two actions-Practice and Exchange.From 27/06 to 8/07/2016 20 students from SGHST will do internship in several companies in Vienna.They are 10 and 11 grade from all specialties of school.They have already formed knowledge, skills and experience that enable them independently to participate in the production of traditional bakery and confectionery.They are young and want to learn advanced,useful and prospective knowledge.They want to express themselves and their potential,to explore the world in which they live and thus to grow and promote themself.On the other hand, employers expect students to be good professionals with a motivation to develop themselves, to be able to bring new ideas and trends in production and to be creative.The aim is students to do internship in one of the most advanced and developed countries of the EU in order to learn the skills and talent from the best professionals in the industry.They will be divided into four thematic working groups according to their specialty and will hold a two-week practice in companies, learning the production of specific ware.The work program has two main themes.The first focus is to introduce students to making of products that are designed for people with special diets or nutritional requirements.One group of the students will produce gluten-free bakery products,which are designed for people suffering from Coeliac disease.The rest of the students will prepare sweets, which contain no animal ingredients and are designed for vegans.The second focus of the program is on study of trends in healthy eating.Students will make bakery products,which are prepared from flour of old cereal varieties such as spelled,quinoa,amaranth.They will study tecological production methods - without artificial ingredients and use of technologies that are harmful for health. Stay in a modern,prosperous European country with a rich cultural heritage, combined with learning German,will provide additional advantages to young people. It will enrich their personal culture and improve their confidence as modern European citizens. SGHST is the only school in Bulgaria which trains students in bread-making and confectionery.The main goal of the school is to provide qualitative professional education according to the real needs of the branch of competent,motivated as well responsible specialists. For this reason the teachers must continuously increase their own qualifications by updating,filling and extending the depth of their knowledge. They need permanently keep abreast of novelties, the world’s trends and prospects,to learn about the new technologies, raw materials, recipes and modern machines in order to offer their students relevant and interesting topics.They have to improve their pedagogical skills by getting into innovative methods of teaching,have to change the style and form of teaching as way that it will be more interesting and more attractive for the teenagers. We think that this will be very useful and will increase students’ potential and their creative possibilities.Our purpose is with the present project to provide an opportunity for our teachers to exchange ideas, knowledge, information and experience with their colleagues from the European Union.We are planning the exchange to take place in Paris for one week from 1/02 to 5/02/2016. In Bulgaria, there will be a reform in order to organize vocational training on the principle of "learning through practice in a company".Teachers should be involved in the entire organization of the educational process by introducing modular training and they have to converse the educational content so that it will lead to measurable units of learning outcomes.We want our teachers to learn French experience on the topic.Another important goal of the project is to introduce our teachers experience of their French colleagues on training of students who come from ethnic minorities,how to motivate them to learn a profession and what approaches they have to apply in communication with them.One part of the activities in a work program is aimed at studying the European traditions of professional training in bread-making and confectionery.We schedule attendance in professional schools and an university where our teachers will be able to observe the organization of teaching and studying processes,contemporary methods of teaching and possibilities for cooperation with other similar schools.The teachers will attend some classes and lectures.This project will be very useful for our teachers, because in this way they will increase their knowledge,qualifications,skills and their own professional experience.They will use this training for improving, modernization and diversification of necessary equipment,effectiveness of training and teaching and increasing the educational level by successful enforcement to the European values. In this way the image and the competitivness of the school will increase.



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