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Европейска мобилност за иновативно професионално образование
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Two different activities will be implemented in the project: A1 - Students' practice in professional VET schools abroad A2 - Staff training abroad In activity A1, the aim of the project is to train students to acquire practical skills in a real working environment. The training practice will be held in family livestock farms in the Netherlands. Beneficiaries will be 20 students aged 17-18, the students at grade 11 from specialities "veterinary technician" and "veterinary laboratory worker" at Professional School of Veterinary Medicine "Ivan P.Pavlov." Basic skills, combined with the expected results are: - The application of modern innovative practices in livestock growth in certified family farms in the Netherlands; - Organization of the veterinary medical activity; - Application of computer technologies in breeding and genetics; - Entrepreneurial skills, creating and maintaining of family farms producing products, corresponding to the market economy; - Acknowledgement of the norms, standards and instructions to ensure healthy and safe working conditions in the Netherlands; - Acquiring the skills for teamwork; - Use of foreign languages; - Creating of permanent contacts with farmers from the host country. The main training activities include: 1. Management of the family farm; 2. How branch organizations and breeding associations work with farmers; 3. Innovative solutions for breeding premises, storage of roughage and finished products for farm machinery, specialized equipment, including software ; 4. Staff qualification and opportunity for realization on the European labor market; 5. Exploring the possibilities for free basic-help grants for young farmers and receiving of subsidies. Thet Training practice will help to acquire knowledge, skills and qualifications that will be useful for students' personal growth, employability and participation in the European labor market. All participants will receive certificates: "Europass Mobility", "ECVET" for acquired language skills and certificate of mobility recognition as a productional training, issued by the management of Professional School of Veterinary Medicine "Ivan P. Pavlov." These certificates will be assessed by future employers. In A2 activity, the purpose of the project is: teachers from Professional School of Veterinary Medicine "Ivan P. Pavlov" are going to improve their qualifications as they become familiar with innovative teaching practices and developments in the practical training in the field of veterinary medicine and livestock breeding. Beneficiaries will be 10 teachers, teaching professional subjects, authors of curricula and training programs in our country in the field of veterinary medicine and animal breeding, foreign languages teachers and Information Technology teachers. The expected results will be achieved by the acquiring of knowledge and experience and their commitment to educational programs and curricula: - Teaching methods on theoretical and practical level, connection between them, carried out in a real work environment; - Modern farm and organic farm management; - Ecology of the landscape; - Organization of the breeding-improvement work in the farms; - Working and applying the IT technologies, used in agriculture. The main training activities include: 1. Acquiring new paraclinical methods in clinics for small animals and laboratories. 2. Interactive methods, used in the professional subjects teaching. 3. Connection between the theoretical and practical training and its application in the real working environment. 4. Application and use of models in the practical training of students. 5. Using computer programs and technologies in education. "Erasmus +" program stimulates polylingualism as a symbol of the EU's drive for unity in diversity. Communicating in a foreign language will lead to effective communication and enhance the professional confidence of the participants. For the successful implementation of the project we are going to use our experience from already completed projects for mobility. At each stage of the development of the activities polls will be held to take account of the benefits and satisfaction with the participation of the Beneficiaries. Monitoring and analysis will be carried out by the local teachers and the school management, taking into account their expert evaluation. The results will be announced on local and national level, information materials will be distributed.



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