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Европа по радиоточката
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project offers an innovative and creative approach to address and overcome the social isolation of youngsters living in economically disadvantaged areas. The activity has been designed together as a team by the participating organizations: CEI from Bulgaria /acting as a receiving and coordinating organization/and sending organizations from Germany, Portugal, Hungary and Ukraine. A total of 4 volunteers will be involved in the project. Two of them will work on short-term projects /one volunteer from Ukraine and one from Portugal/ and two - on long-term projects /youngsters from Germany and Hungary/.The activities will be organized in villages on the territory of 5 municipalities: Stara Zagora, Gurkovo, Radnevo, Maglizh and Maritsa. The volunteers will realize activities, stimulating the activeness of youngsters from rural areas as well as their willingness to gain new skills through volunteering. the specific tasks include: developing two types of bulletins - youth-in-rural-areas bulletins and also and electronic bulletin addressing volunteering; Info days campaign about volunteering named "Travelling and broadcasting" will be organized in cooperation with local partners, such as schools, community centres and libraries; thematic events, trainings and workshops will take place too, initiated by local youngsters and organized by volunteers.The volunteers will be provided with special training on web design, facilitation, presentation and media skills and will be supported by experienced experts in their activities. A language course in Bulgarian will also be organized for them. Other important elements of the project will be thematic events (cuisine exhibitions, souvenirs workshops) for the mutual understanding of the different cultures. More than 700 youngsters from the rural areas of 5 municipalities will be involved in the project activities.



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