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Evolved Internet Future for European Leadership (EIFFEL)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2008, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The EIFFEL Support Action forms a structure addressing the challenges of the Future Internet and the networked society of the future as a whole. Its foundations lie in the EIFFEL think tank formed in July 2006 from a group of individual researchers from both academia and industry, facilitated by the European Commission. Despite being highly successful in its operation, the current EIFFEL think tank cannot grow to be the representative body it should be without some organisational support. This proposal leverages the success of EIFFEL initiative by proposing a Support Action to provide the mechanisms and infrastructure that can strengthen the link between explorative and evolutionary research towards Future Networked Society in Europe.The objectives of this Support Action are to create momentum, build cohesion and support the research, governance and policy communities by providing the European discussion forum and road mapping service that will facilitate the creation of relevant initiatives and give Europe leadership in the creation of the Future Networked Society. The project will be organized around a number of Technical Areas (TAs) focusing on technological, societal, regulatory and policy-related questions, and will attract key persons to lead discussions and will ensure the involvement of key participants for each of the main TAs.The project will arrange two annual meetings for EIFFEL Initiative as a whole (with 25-50 participants) and a smaller number of ad hoc meetings as needed. These meetings will provide a forum for evaluating exploratory research ideas and for connections to relevant infrastructure efforts worldwide. With these tools the EIFFEL Support Action will stimulate discussion on fundamental issues of the Future Internet and build synergies between various research areas involved - including policy and regulatory requirements - in the interest of bringing Europe to the forefront of Future Internet research.



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